Michigan State University, USA Gymnastics and the US Olympic Committee need to be Held Accountable

By Gina Flores


The recent sentencing of former Olympic physician, Dr. Larry Nassar to 175 years in prison for sexually abusing more than 150 women and girls is only a very small victory for the survivors involved. Some of the women recently had a chance to publicly address this monster in a courtroom setting. And although his victims may have obtained some form of closure from being able to participate in such a process, it’s more likely than not they will all have to deal with the presence of deep psychological scars from their abuse for the remainder of their lives.

How does a predator like Larry Nassar get away with sexually abusing young, female athletes for the past two decades? How is it possible that Larry Nassar was allowed to behave in such a horrible way for so long and not be held accountable and put out of his misery by the US Olympic Committee or his former employers, USA Gymnastics and Michigan State University? All of these are fair questions that need to be addressed and fully investigated from a legal standpoint in the months that follow. This is an obvious can of worms that needs to be cracked wide open; a real rabbit hole that undoubtedly is extremely deep!

USA Gymnastics and the US Olympic Committee need to be punished immediately and the first thing that comes to my mind are the future Olympic Games scheduled for the summer of 2020.

There is no good reason, in my opinion, why the United States women’s gymnastics team should be allowed to participate under the American flag in those games. It’s time to punish the enabling organizations that played a key part in these horrific crimes.

Larry Nassar is a sick predator and will be locked up for the remainder of his life. That’s a good thing! USA Gymnastics and the US Olympic Committee, on the other hand, allowed this animal to survive and hunt his prey for over 20 years. This is inexcusable and should not be tolerated by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

The women athletes from the United States Gymnastics team should only be allowed to participate in the 2020 summer games under the Olympic flag. A similar scenario has been put in place for Russia’s Olympic team in February, 2018 in South Korea because of their involvement in systematic, rampant doping. Discipline handed down by the IOC in this manner would allow the enabling organizations at fault, and not the women athletes, to be properly punished.

If the IOC does not punish team USA, it would demonstrate a disturbing double standard within the construct of that organization as well as their total lack of concern for past, present, and future Olympic athletes.

All of the players involved in these organizations need to resign or be removed from their positions. This includes presidents, board members, trustees and executives at any and all levels.

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3 thoughts on “Michigan State University, USA Gymnastics and the US Olympic Committee need to be Held Accountable

  1. Janet January 25, 2018 / 9:25 am

    I agree that the IOC must take immediate action against team USA gymnastics. There’s no way that this doctor could have been behaving this way for such a longtime without having people in USA gymnastics and the USOC being aware of the situation.

    The victims complained to both organizations and they turned a blind eye to the accusers. Absolutely disgusting that nobody stepped in to stop this sick individual.

    • Donald January 26, 2018 / 8:57 am

      This will never happen. The US gymnastics team is a big draw for television and the financial loss would be huge. Besides, the USOC and USA gymnastics don’t want to take the blame for any of this.

      It’s a definite double standard on the part of the IOC. What’s worse; an olympic team that’s involved in systematic, rampant doping or an olympic team involved with systematic, rampant pedophilia? The Russians aren’t looking so bad suddenly.

      • Gina Flores January 26, 2018 / 12:28 pm

        The IOC, USOC, USA gymnastics, and Michigan State University are very powerful entities with tremendous financial and political power backing them. These organizations are not going to share the blame for these crimes. They’re interested in protecting their collective image and not the well-being of young female athletes.

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