13 Year Old Boy Explains Quantum Physics and Defines God

By Gina Flores

Editor at NoFakeNews

I recently came across the video embedded below. It’s an interview of a 13 year old boy that amazingly describes his definition of God and how the laws of the universe work with his definition. This is a very bright young man and he is able to speak about quantum physics in an extremely intelligent manner.

His theories are very similar to the written materials I have read that were and continue to be produced by Michael Morris. The Michael Morris materials have been published extensively on this website. Some of the newer writings have not been published for a number of reasons, but I have had a chance to read them and they are amazingly similar to what the young 13 year old boy describes. It was very eerie for me to watch this video and compare the information to the Michael Morris writings. Many of Michael’s original texts were written and channeled back in 2002-2005.

When reading Michael’s writings, substitute the words Vast Intelligence for God. Read Michael’s writings here and then watch the amazing video interview:

“Vast Intelligence (The Universal Creative Force of Everything Spiritual and Physical) continuously searches for ways to broaden and improve its creative properties. Vast Intelligence is not a person, nor should it be envisioned or personified as such by sentient beings that can manifest themselves as spiritual or physical entities within the parameters of particular frequency platforms. Gods are not a reality as they do not exist! Vast Intelligence is not a God and it never judges anything or anyone. It simply collects experiences and seeks to expand its knowledge base!

“In very simplistic terms, you and I are both integral parts of Vast Intelligence. We both represent different expressions of Vast Intelligence within different dimensions of universal existence.

“From a third dimensional perspective, where time and space properties are factors that, undoubtedly, affect and influence perceptions of reality, Vast Intelligence decided long ago to create an infinite number of opportunities to collect knowledge. It did so by creating frequency signatures that could be converted into different densities or dimensions of existence. The individual dimensions were designed to help fulfill the needs of Vast Intelligence with regards to increasing its knowledge base.

“Within the incredible frameworks of Vast Intelligence’s different dimensions, there are countless expressions of Vast Intelligence being realized. The dimensional expressions are unlimited and unending. They are represented by sentient beings that collectively exist in varying degrees of solidness depending on how universal, subatomic particles are vibrating.” – Michael Morris

3 thoughts on “13 Year Old Boy Explains Quantum Physics and Defines God

  1. Manny Vallarino August 29, 2016 / 9:08 am

    No doubt he is a smart kid and seems t have been raised by supporting parents who have instilled much self-confidence in him, which is great. However Max seems to be developing delusions of grandeur, by claiming that he is a physicist, among other claims such as “entrepreneur and inventor” or another Tesla. To be a physicist requires a Phd or at least an undergraduate college degree in physics or chemistry ?. I have searched the internet all over and there is no evidence that Max has any formal education except for him taking or has taken on line classes with MIT. In a few cases children prodigies get admitted to Universities such as Jacob Barnett who is 15 years old and was admitted to the Perimeter Scholars International at 13 years old in 2013, into a one-year non-degree master’s level program at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Waterloo, Ontario. He completed the program in 2014 and has subsequently been listed as a doctoral student at the Perimeter Institute. In regard to his invention there is no verification from any reliable source as to the validity of his claims. In regard to the concept of God, I like to express my opinion about it. I’ve been practicing Yoga meditation for many years and i am regularly reading books from scientists such as Paul Davies. I believe that God is not energy per se but rather pure consciousness since the only power that manipulates energy in the Universe is consciousness. This is obvious from the actions of the smallest animals, from ants to us humans. So God or Pure Consciousness manifests itself through us and in us, but we are so immersed in the mundane and caught up with the worldly identities that we miss the truth altogether.

    • Jill August 29, 2016 / 11:15 am

      Earning a degree from an accredited college or university is what most people believe is necessary in order to embrace someone with the professional title of physicist.

      Although the young boy has not earned a formal degree from an accredited institution of higher education, he has an amazing understanding of really important concepts.

      I’m not really concerned about his lack of a degree in this situation. I am more interested in his abilities to communicate to the public very complex concepts so simply.

      As far as his definition of God, nobody can really know for sure what God is or isn’t.

  2. Jim Bott September 3, 2016 / 1:35 am

    Everyone should watch this

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