Medical Physicians Continue to Commit Suicide

By Gina Flores

Editor in chief at NoFakeNews

There are too many dark and shameful secrets that surround the profession of modern medicine to write about in one short post. If people knew the half of it, they’d run for cover and take their chances playing solitaire with the different maladies that plague them.

There are numerous articles on this website that discuss toxic vaccines, deadly chemotherapy concoctions, x-ray therapies that cause more cancer than they supposedly cure, and a lot of other taboo subjects. Many of these topics are very rarely discussed in the mainstream media.

Perhaps one of the biggest secrets that is attached to modern medicine is the alarming number of suicides committed by medical doctors and medical students.

Read more here to learn about the extent of this epidemic problem currently taking place in modern medicine.


2 thoughts on “Medical Physicians Continue to Commit Suicide

  1. Dr. John Reizer July 27, 2016 / 10:26 am

    I think a lot of the depression experienced by medical students and doctors alike can be traced back to the fact that the perception people have about a career in medicine is often very much different than what they encounter in the school setting.

    In addition, the general premise of modern medicine is fundamentally flawed and goes against the natural laws of health and physiology. Once students learn about this huge piece of information, they become depressed.

    It took me about six months in chiropractic college to figure out that allopathic medicine, outside of emergency trauma care, was useless in the management of diseases.

    I truly feel sorry for medical professionals and physicians. It’s a really depressing situation to be in.

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