The Highly Profitable Vaccine Industry

By Melissa Reizer

Staff Writer at NoFakeNews
w-Melissa52_bwSome of the biggest profits earning corporations in the world are pharmaceutical companies. Add vaccines to the list of products a particular company offers to potential healthcare consumers, and those financial rewards are that much larger.

Regardless of your position on the controversial subject of vaccines, it’s easy to see that these medicinal concoctions continue to generate large sums of money for Big Pharma. There are enormous financial incentives for pharmaceutical companies to enter the vaccine arena.

According to an article that was published in Silent Crow News, the lucrative vaccine market is about to skyrocket to even higher levels and surpass the impressive financial rewards it’s previously provided for these monster petrochemical corporations.

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One thought on “The Highly Profitable Vaccine Industry

  1. Gina Flores January 29, 2016 / 7:21 pm

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    This is without a doubt the primary motivation for these companies. Not only are they making a fortune in profits from the delivery of vaccines to health care consumers, they’re then profiting at a later date because these vaccines cause an assortment of diseases later in a person’s life that will require treatment. That treatment will be in the form of medicines that the same companies that manufactured the vaccines will provide to sick patients.

    Great article!

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