The Big Picture: Who or What Really Controls this Planet?

By Dr. John Reizer

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 reizer3When one takes an honest look at the machinations currently taking place on this sphere we refer to as planet Earth, it becomes obvious that such trickery is the result of a carefully planned and coordinated effort being practiced by top-level leaders in many key governments worldwide.

If you believe that the daily events and stories taking place and being reported through the mainstream media circuits are coincidental and in no way whatsoever connected, you will probably not like this article. In fact, there will be many people (the majority of citizens throughout the world) that will not be able to comprehend the ideas and concepts I will be writing about here. This is not because they are stupid individuals. It is mostly due to the fact that most people, and their understanding of life and societal structure, are far removed from what is actually taking place in the world.

For the longest time, I have studied alternative news topics, conspiracy theories, off world topics that are well represented on this website, and many other subjects you, most certainly, will not read about or see on traditional television programming formats. After embracing, absorbing, sorting, deleting, filing, and reviewing much of this content, I have come to an uncomfortable conclusion that might make me seem somewhat insane in the eyes of others that regularly operate from a different perspective when considering the same subjects.

So that you don’t judge me too harshly and close your mind prematurely or before I’ve had an opportunity to present my ideas, I have decided to wait to reveal my conclusion about “The Big Picture: Who or What Really Controls this Planet?” until the very end of the article.

In order to understand how things really operate here on planet Earth, you have to pay very close attention to the daily happenings and key stories that are regularly afforded airtime and print space in the mainstream media products. Even the most untrained and conventional thinking individuals will acknowledge that there are numerous questionable, newsworthy events that get direct placement in the traditional news systems around the globe. Some of these stories come and go quickly. On the other hand, some themes seem to stick around and become hot topics that are vigorously scrutinized by the news desks around the country, and even the entire world in many cases.

There is a definite reason for the staying power of certain story-lines within the mainstream media and political circles of individual countries. It is by no means a coincidence that certain subjects are constantly receiving attention and favoritism when being reported on, discussed, and debated. The reason that certain topics are beaten to death, so to speak, is because they are vitally important to the agenda that the powers that be have in play. This is why we are constantly seeing and listening to the same news themes every single day.

If I can indulge your patience for just a few moments, I’d like an opportunity to list and discuss a few subjects that are continuously being pushed on us through the mainstream media and, ultimately, by the powers that be:

Global warming, a completely made up concept designed to fool the citizens of the world that climate change is happening because of carbon emissions, is a subject we constantly see broadcast every morning on weather stations. In reality, climate change is occurring on our planet the way that it always has. Earth’s weather patterns are always in flux and most of these fluctuations are perfectly normal occurrences for our planet. We tend to make the mistake of thinking of our world as a stable and never changing place. This is definitely not the case by any stretch of the imagination. The records and astronomical observations that are recorded and reviewed by our meteorological scientists only give us a glimpse of our planet’s weather patterns over a very small slice of time. When we observe weather patterns that span only a hundred years or so, we mistakenly believe that specific regions always remain relatively stable and unchanged. This is obviously not true and quite provable.

In many areas of the world, scientists have uncovered evidence, in the way of fossil remains, that indicates the climate of our planet has changed drastically through time. I seriously doubt that carbon emissions have influenced these changes over millions of years.

Blaming climate change on carbon emissions is just a clever and well thought out ploy to tax citizens around the world for carbon footprints. It’s also an excuse to lace the skies with chemtrails and other aerosol programs currently taking place. Many of these programs are thought to be connected to weather modification campaigns, as well as other sinister programs.

There are many people that have come out and publicly informed humanity about the dangers of aerosol programs and that global warming is not being affected by carbon emissions.

Prescription drugs are a damn clever way to weaken the human immune system. The drug industry is completely out of control. Many prescription drugs are no longer marketed to doctors. Instead, they are directly marketed to health care consumers through mainstream media campaigns that become more and more aggressive every year. You will notice that the warnings about these products are clearly labeled and publicized for all consumers.

Genetically Modified Foods (GMOs) are constantly being discussed in the mainstream news feeds. We are being fed the lie that this is a way to produce larger and healthier foods for humanity. In actuality, the modified foods are having very detrimental effects on human physiology and our DNA. Again, the dangers of modified foods have been widely published/leaked by the powers that be so that citizens could be appropriately informed.

Vaccines are constantly in the news. The continuous assault on the human immune system is being carried out by these dangerous drugs. More and more of these poisons are being introduced and directly marketed/mandated to/for healthcare consumers on a daily basis. Much has been released/leaked by the powers that be about the dangers of vaccination theory and its associated programs.

Of course there are other topics in play that directly or indirectly relate to the overall agenda taking place. But just with the few subjects I have listed above, one should become very concerned about what our so-called leaders have in mind for us.

The unfortunate conclusion I have reached will probably seem too strange for many readers. But I have to write, in all seriousness, that my conclusion is the only logical explanation I can think of considering the evidence out there. I have to believe that the powers that be are terraforming (changing) the Earth and its citizens in preparation for a new race of beings. The modification of our atmosphere, food, bodies, DNA, etc are the telltale signs that a major event is quite possibly being planned.

People can think what they want. How we view or perceive reality is largely dependent on what we think is possible in our minds. Our opinions of what is or is not possible have been painstakingly conditioned in our minds by corporate giants that own and operate the media programming that all of us are permanently dependent on for news stories, entertainment, communications, etc. Once you control and directly influence the perspective of reality that a civilization has embraced through strategically delivered media content, you control everything for all intents and purposes.

The huge monstrosities (intelligently designed buildings) sitting on our moon’s surface, that I have written about and frequently offered links to on this website, are not ours! If they are not ours, who do they belong to? There are lots of them and they have the best seat in the Universe to view planet Earth. Most readers haven’t the slightest idea that there are buildings sitting on the lunar surface that have been photographed by NASA and the Department of the Navy. The photographs have been conveniently leaked by government officials and now exist in the public domain, yet most of us are unaware of the pictures.

The Big Picture: Who or What Really Controls this Planet? I have to believe that the answer to the question is quite honestly out of this world!  I also have to believe that the rules of the universe require the powers that be to inform the citizens of the world about their intentions. After all, we are supposed to be beings that have free will. If we have been informed about the machinations currently taking place and we still give our consent, we have nobody to blame but ourselves.

Of course we are informed in a very deceptive and secretive matter; nonetheless we are always informed. If you don’t think so, look at the case of Edward Snowden! They have to tell us everything they are planning and hope we are too stupid and apathetic to do anything about it! The sad thing is, they are turning out to be right.

What do you think?

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  1. Edwina Reizer July 18, 2013 / 10:11 am

    If this article does not awaken the zombies in this world then nothing will. Great article John and I know that connecting all the dots was not an easy thing to do. But, by God you have done it. Thanks son, Mom

  2. chris November 4, 2013 / 6:15 pm

    You are right… so right!

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