Planet X: Is it Really out There?

By Dr. John Reizer

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Since the late 1990’s I have been following the published stories concerning the mysterious celestial body commonly referred to as planet X/Nibiru. The planet X complex (associated moons and debris) which is claimed, by certain groups, to be making its way through our solar system, where it will travel around our sun and then slingshot itself back out into deep space, is an interesting topic. According to the proponents of the scenario, planet X will pass by Earth on its way around the sun and will cause a pole shift on our world. Although the exact time that a polar shift will affect Earth has been kept secret, it is being suggested by those in the know that the event is fast approaching.

According to most mainstream scientists and astronomical publications, planet X (also known as the tenth planet) is a bunch of nonsense. These men and women have gone on record debunking the story as disinformation that has no validity whatsoever. In other words, credibly accepted scientists from our space agency (NASA) have no time to discuss stories that are based on fiction and fantasy.

As is the case with every controversial subject, it is a daunting task to acquire accurate information. The planet X topic is not an exception to this rule. In fact, there has been so much information/disinformation/misinformation written about Nibiru that one could actually get very confused and fed up with the story in a relatively short period of time. Perhaps, this is exactly what was intended by the powers that be that have, behind the scenes, orchestrated the release of the majority of the traditional materials being published regarding Nibiru?

Hollywood even published a movie about the doomsday event surrounding planet X. For the longest time, the arrival of Nibiru was advertised as being December 21, 2012. The movie production focused on death and destruction, an end of the world scenario. But that date has come and gone and we are still here. There was no Nibiru, and there was no end of the world scenario. Should the people of Earth take a collective exhale and begin to rest easy? I am not so sure.

An interesting website, , has an incredible amount of information regarding this extremely strange subject. They have been publishing scientific data about Nibiru since the early 1990’s. According to the information coming from Zeta Talk, we are far from out of the woods concerning an impending pole shift.

Maybe the December 2012 date was purposely released by the powers that be in an effort to kill the subject in the minds of the average person? Maybe December 2012 was a psychological inoculation to make the subject harmless in the eyes of the masses? Have we been collectively immunized so that we will not take seriously any evidence that is now presented about planet X?

According to Zeta Talk, we are now at stage 8 of 10 regarding the passage of planet X. The Zetas have written that when we achieve stage 10, all hell will break loose. Life will change drastically for those of us that survive the passage of Nibiru. This is information that has been repeatedly published on the Zeta Talk website.

I do not know who is actually behind the Zeta Talk operation. But I can tell you that the amount of content on the website is absolutely astounding. It is filled with scientific information that the average “Joe” would not be able to write. In other words, very smart people operate that web address. I mean really smart! Think scientists.

The Zeta Talk website claims planet X is now underneath the sun and it is fast approaching a position in our solar system that will affect Earth like we have never witnessed before. They also claim that this event has occurred many times before and that the Earth is regularly the recipient of pole shifts because of planet X. It is a cyclical event that occurs around every 3,600 years. Guess what? It’s been 3,600 years since the last the pole shift, according to the Zetas.

The Zetas also claim that the severe weather changes we have been witnessing on Earth are directly attributable to Nibiru and its associated debris complex. They claim that the global warming hoax was devised to make excuses for climate change that will continue to intensify.

I recently came across a You Tube video on the Zeta Talk website that I found very interesting. It clearly shows recent photography (July 12, 2013) of what appears to be planet X and its moon swirls under our sun. I invite my readers to look at the video and read some of the content on Zeta Talk. Then make up your own minds after reading the materials. At the very least, I think you will agree with me that this is one hell of an interesting concept.

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