Wiser Visors®: A True Story of USPTO Fraud & The Billionaires It Serves

By Ashley Hayes

In 1998, while I was discovering the wonders of the internet and was launching my first web business, I was contacted (online) by a group of web-marketing entrepreneur-helper affiliates. These guys marketed themselves as “gurus” in all things www, and aggressively attempted to sell me products to help grow my business — many of which I purchased.

Ignorant to the dangers of the internet at the time — and more gullible than I care to admit, — I proceeded to download special e-books, guides and newsletters these guys continually sent me, not realizing that all it takes for remote access to one’s computer (or any device) is one click, one download.

Without my realizing it (until many years later), I had given these guys access to my laptop and its camera, my passwords (thanks to remote key loggers), my personal documents, my emails, my intellectual property, patent ideas (which I would email to myself), and all documents related to patents I had pending at the time.

The first thing I ordered online was “Internet Marketing Secrets,” by Corey Rudl, which was referred by one of his affiliates online. Corey has since died, but his massive affiliate network (headed by a different individual) and their “inner circle” is going strong, with those members all being billionaires, often posting pictures of themselves on Necker Island with their pal, Richard Branson.

It would be years before I would discover members of this affiliate network worked directly with the US government, the FBI, CIA, Army, etc. as contractors and consultants. As such, they had easy access to all federal offices and websites, including the US Patent & Trademark Office, with one of them actually having written multiple books on bringing your inventions to market. (He is also directly involved with invention-help companies that use celebrities in their marketing.)

It would be years before I would realize I was being aggressively targeted and sadistically stalked and sabotaged at the hands of those with the power, the money, the connections and, importantly, the desire to participate in such sadistic behavior, and that those claiming they wanted to help me were, in actuality, seeking to hurt me, in every possible way.  My heros were, unbeknownst to me, my predators.

As this truth became known to me a little over five years ago, I realized this predation had been occurring since I was a child.  “Sadistic stalking” is where powerful individuals (with the network to do so) choose  a target they feel has a lot of potential and then proceeds — for the life of that target — to spoil or sabotage anything they can in that target’s life.  Big opportunities or simple, pleasure-bringing desires, it doesn’t matter.  Sabotage, sadness and disappointment are their goals.

A few years ago, I discovered that one of the invention “gurus” who had been emailing me every day, for 15 years, had not only been involved with — but directly responsible for the success of —  many individuals from my high school (in a different state!), and that he also had (and still has) offices directly behind my childhood home.  Were it not for the dozens of opportunity-sabotaging, and otherwise bizaarely “coincidental” experiences that I have tracked directly to this highly-connected, government-affiliated, powerful individual, this could be chalked up to happenstance.  But when you are targeted in this way (as hundreds of thousands of innocent Americans are), there is no such thing as “happenstance.”

An invention I was working on in the late ’90s, when these men began deluging me with daily emails, was called “The Wiser Visor.”  I had sold a small order of a slightly different visor to the L.A. Dodgers in 1997, and was still in contact with them, which was encouraging.  They had expressed interest in my newer eyeglasses-held visor, as well as in a round baseball-design towel I had been working on.

I flew across the country to meet with them once I finally received my perfected towel prototypes.  They loved them and agreed to buy 60,000 of them(!) if I could get the price-point they wanted.  When I received the information from my manufacturer that they could meet that price-point, I could hardly contain myself.  This was — or could have been — a life-changing moment for me, a struggling entrepreneur with nothing in her pockets but dreams.  But the “men” who long ago had appointed themselves my personal life saboteurs wouldn’t have it.

Mysteriously, almost exactly at this time, a new, never-before-seen round baseball towel appeared on the USPTO website.  I was constantly on that website (and still am), and also had a patent and trademark attorney.  I had never seen that patent, and he had not, either.  Yet it magically appeared once I had a large order.  Attempts to reach the individuals listed as the inventors on that design patent were unsuccessful and I painfully advised the Dodgers I couldn’t provide their order.  (I had to do the same with other Major League teams who had shown interest, as well.)

As for my visors, I spent years working with manufacturers, finding the right material, weight, filler, quality sewing, and price.  My goal was to get on QVC with them and once I had some excellent prototypes, I met with a QVC rep to whom an infomercial producer I know had referred me. 

The rep loved my Wiser Visors®, QVC loved them, and in both June and JuIy 2001, I went on the air! 

Unbeknownst to me at the time was the fact that I had saboteurs in my life, and that one was a major player with QVC (and HSN).  I also had no idea two men had filed a trademark just prior to my filing, on an almost identical product, calling it “The Wiser Viser.” 

They not only put up a website, but had access to celebrities to promote their eyeglasses-held visors.  (My QVC-connected saboteur is the unseen handler of every major celebrity, athlete, and author you know of, and in his many emails to me as a marketing guru, he repeatedly stressed the importance of using celebrities in marketing, something he continues to do, aggressively.

It wasn’t until a year ago that I happened to see on the USPTO website documents that show the trademark examiner (#76508) who had suspended my trademark the day after he was assigned me was the very same examiner (of thousands) who illegally approved the trademark of the other guys when mine had long been registered.

I had not only had a business called Wiser Visors for years, but my website — complete with pictures, videos, and even a fun, 1950’s-style jingle that played on the site — had been online for years at that point, and I had sold them, internationally, on television!

The USPTO documents also show the other guys withdrew their trademark less than a month prior to my QVC appearance (which I now believe was done to protect QVC), and then revived it July 5, 2001, two or three days after I had just been on the air with mine. So they were able to take advantage of not only my years of hard work, but the marketing and branding I had done for so long.

After that, I received a lot of unacceptable product from my manufacturer and just moved on to other ventures and ideas. Each and every one of those ventures and ideas has been intentionally sabotaged, and this situation continues to this day.

Importantly, the sabotage isn’t about their making money, as they have more than they could spend in a hundred lifetimes. It’s about keeping me from making it. How sick is that?

Many individuals have stories of intellectual property theft, but not many folks have discussed how it exploded once the NSA, FBI, etc. were given access to our computers after 9/11. Then Obama hurt every under-funded lone inventor out there with his “America Invents Act” of 2011, changing patent rights to “first-to-file” rather than “first-to-have-the-idea.” 

He stated, “This much-needed reform will speed up the patent process so that innovators and entrepreneurs can turn a new invention into a business as quickly as possible.” Regardless of his spin, this was devastating to small inventors with big ideas and little funding, but excellent for his buddies with remote access to all of our computers and ideas — not to mention access to, and funding for, any manufacturing they desire.

How and why there wasn’t more pushback with regard to this is beyond me. It could be because, unless you are someone who is aggressively targeted and sabotaged in all you do by sinister, depraved individuals with government funding — and I pray no reader here ever is! — the idea that there exists actual networks of men (and women) whose job, or assignment, is to steal from you, in every way possible, the very idea that groups like that exist would never enter your mind. But they do exist, and they are actively at work, every day.

My “entrepreneur helpers” were — and are –dream-stealers and joy thieves. But I’m still dreaming and I feel blessed and joyful every day. I hope everyone who reads this can say the same and can embrace Jodie Foster’s wise words, as I often have:

“Eventually this all passes. The public horrors of today eventually blow away. And, yes, you are changed by the awful wake of reckoning they leave behind. Hopefully in the process you don’t lose your ability to throw your arms in the air again and spin in wild abandon. That is the ultimate F.U. and – finally – the most beautiful survival tool of all. Don’t let them take that away from you.”

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Ashley Hayes is a former business entrepreneur, patented inventor, researcher, and writer seeking to bring attention to the clearly-organized crimes of unlawful and corrupt law enforcement and fusion center personnel against innocent Americans and citizens worldwide, as well as crimes committed by military contractors via 21st-century technology, and to the pandemic of child trafficking by those in power.


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