Live And Let Die?

Dr. John Reizer

The phrase, “Live and let die”, is a saying that proclaims you should focus on your own life and priorities, even if those goals are at the expense of others. Even if it kills them. 

“You Got To Give The Other Fellow Hell”

Is this what is happening in society at this point in the game? Have multi-billion dollar corporations decided to focus exclusively on profit-making even if the profitable end products they are generating comes at the deadly expense of others?

Big pharma corporations have been mass-producing deadly drugs for decades at the expense of innocent people’s lives.

When we invest money into financial portfolios that offer substantial returns, do we look the other way even when we know some of those profits were generated by drug companies that are destroying the lives of innocent people?

Investing in Moderna, Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson, Merck, and other big pharma companies might be a financially smart thing to do, but is it something that we can afford to keep doing if we truly want to help fellow citizens and the entire human race?


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