Dr. John Reizer

Not too long ago, I was seated at a restaurant booth facing a dangerous weapon — a television. I couldn’t get away from the mind control device, so I had to make the best of a bad situation.

No matter what I tried to do to avoid the dangerous weapon, it kept broadcasting its mind-controlling content to all the patrons in the establishment.

When I turned to my right, there was a weapon armed and firing its bullets. When I turned to my left, another one was discharging nonsense and lies. Straight ahead, the same damn thing — mind control was everywhere. It was a relentless assault on my psyche, and there was absolutely no way for me to escape; I was forced to watch the poison.

The only fortunate thing for me, there was no discernable audio content. I couldn’t hear the mind control propaganda. When you watch television without the audio, the mind-controlling medium is far less effective, in my opinion. It’s almost a bit comical to see.

As I sat there, I couldn’t help but notice the garbage being forced upon my eyes.

Watching all those televisions was a surreal experience. It made me think how powerful a weapon television can be. We exist in a world that is completely controlled and dominated by psychopaths. The influence they have over us through media programming is greater than most people can imagine.

We are continually pounded into submission by an instrument that appears so innocuous looking yet is so deceptively dangerous. The damn things are the real weapons of mass destruction!


Everybody’s going to do it!

Living Vicariously Through the Lives of Others

By Dr. John Reizer

Editor at

Reality television, American Idol, sporting events, network sitcoms, soap operas, movies, and many other venues are some of the ways the average American lives vicariously through the lives of others. To some degree I guess it is healthy to fantasize about being a movie star, famous athlete, or worldly personality. As a young child, I used to pretend that I was pitching in the World Series while throwing a tennis ball at a brick wall for several hours at a time. But there’s a difference and a fine line, in my opinion, between having a childhood hero or a secret dream of making the big leagues in professional sports and becoming hopelessly obsessed with satisfying your life’s aspirations through viewing the challenges and accomplishments of another.

As a society, too many Americans are fixated on living in fantasy situations. They are sleepwalking through life and living in the land of make-believe. It is a sad commentary, on the state of modern society, when the highlight of most people’s day is to rush home and secure themselves in front of the idiot box to watch reality television. Reality television is an oxymoron. There’s nothing real about these programs.

Most of us want the excitement and the thrill associated with certain challenges, however we don’t want to assume the inherent risks that often come with such experiences. It’s safer to sit on a sideline and become a spectator instead of a participant. It all goes back to being a society that has been conditioned, from a very early age, to become followers. The majority of Americans have a herd mentality. They want to follow the leader instead of becoming one. When citizens constantly satisfy their ambitions through the process of watching others become successful, it can lead to a nation filled with apathetic people that have a lowered set of expectations when it comes to fulfilling personal goals.

Network programming, as I have referred to it for many years, is a way to keep the masses disconnected from what’s really happening in the world. Americans are becoming hypnotized, on a daily basis, through the medium of television (tell – a – vision) and, unfortunately, they don’t even realize it.

If the majority of people in our country removed television and idolization from their lives they’d become very unhappy. Our addictions to various entertainment products are very strong as well as unproductive. It is because of these addictions that so many of us are absolutely clueless about the political machinations currently taking place domestically and throughout the world.

While the real powers that be continue to move and steer the world and its sheeple population into predetermined directions, most of us continue to watch fantasy television and spend the rest of our time bickering over which phony political candidate we are going to vote for this time around. Will we pull the lever for one of the Republican controlled puppets that have been completely bought off by the cabal of world bankers or for one of the Democratic controlled puppets that have been completely bought off by the cabal of world bankers? It doesn’t really matter which one you pick, America. Either way you lose! The fact that most of us do not even realize our right to vote is truly insignificant, in the grand scheme of things, is a testament to the strength of network programming and its powerful effect on all of us. Our perception or understanding of the world is quite different from what is really taking place each day.

As members of society, it is important that we participate in events and activities that matter to all of us and that we begin to wakeup from the coma we have been in for far too long. To do this we must disconnect from fantasy situations and become more cognizant of what is real and what is not. Reality television is not real! Watching American idol, the Super Bowl, the World Series and pooling all our energy and emotions into such nonsense is unhealthy and a daily distraction from what is truly important in our lives. The sooner we all wake up the sooner we will understand what is truly happening in the world and within our immediate environment.