The Monkeypox Psyop

Dr. John Reizer

We are living in what seems like a parade of viruses making their way down a street past a judge’s booth. The judge’s booth in this analogy is the CDC and other health regulatory agencies throughout the world.

Things to Consider:

1. The monkeypox virus is allegedly transmitted from person to person through close personal contact when the lesions are visible and oozing.

2. After two weeks, the lesions dry up, fall off, and that’s the extent of the damage. The disease allegedly had a reported fatality rate of 3 percent many years ago. How immunocompromised does a person have to be to die from monkeypox infections?

3. The monkeypox virus is confirmed in humans by a PCR test. The controlling powers keep using the same formulas over and over again.

4. Allegedly, this is more of a sexually transmitted disease than an airborne one.

5. The vaccine in the United States that is FDA approved to protect people against monkey pox is called JYNNEOS.

6. If a person is injured after taking an FDA-approved vaccine, he or she must try to collect damages in a special vaccine court. The maximum amount awarded in this venue is $250,000. Most people receive no monetary compensation whatsoever.

7. All vaccines are dangerous drugs that can lead to deadly outcomes for the recipients.

Why Trust Big Pharma?

We are amid a global vaccine genocide known as COVID-19. Why would anyone trust big pharma companies, the CDC, the WHO, or any other government agencies handing down directives or information about infectious diseases?

What’s Really Going On?

I believe the monkeypox virus psyop is another attempt to keep the public mindful of the continued threat of genetically modified viruses being released from gain of function research labs. This narrative is ridiculous and predicated on science fiction versus reality.

Keep in mind that the main goal of the infectious disease scammers is to keep the public afraid of germs and more importantly, keep everyone scared of COVID-19 and its variants. The overall objective is to keep administering mRNA vaccines to humans worldwide.


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