Why is an old fart trying to run a new world order?

Dr. John Reizer

It’s kind of comical that an old guy like Klaus Schwab is the featured front person trying to implement and run a new world order.

Klaus (Dr. Evil) Schwab

Why is an 80-year-old senior citizen, a few steps away from the boneyard, worrying about setting up and running a one-world government?

Shouldn’t this “Dr. Evil” look-alike character be more concerned about playing checkers in an assisted living facility than planning the steps for the entire world’s population to be hooked up to AI?

Mike Myers playing Dr. Evil

When I hear some of the content that comes from Klaus Schwab’s mouth, I begin to question the sanity of the decision-making people at the WEF. I believe Schwab is insane or suffering from some sort of dementia-related illness.

How long is a guy with Schwab’s declining mental status going to be left as the leader of an international terrorist organization?

Before the WEF attempts to replace an old world order with a new one, the elites might want to consider doing some internal house cleaning and replacing an old fart with a new one. The WEF is in desperate need of a breath of fresh air.


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“Reizer is one of my favorite authors. I accidentally stumbled upon Introducing Michael Morris, and since then, I’ve been hooked. I believe in the future, he could be esteemed as one of the prophets of science fiction. If you’re not familiar with John Reizer’s works, you should be.” — AthenasBooks


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