Murder by Protocol!

Dr. John Reizer

I entered a hospital in September of 2021 because of a low oxygen saturation level due to an upper respiratory infection. I believe that I made the biggest mistake of my life that day.

Once admitted, the hospital staff gave me oxygen, and within a few minutes, my oxygen level rose to 100 percent. Then I was administered a PCR test and given a diagnosis of Covid-19.

At that point, the hospital staff placed me in a room surrounded by plastic drapes, and everyone around my bedside was gowned in bio-hazard suits.

As soon as I was diagnosed with Covid-19, it meant three things were going to happen:

1. I would be unable to legally sue the hospital facility if they screwed up and harmed me in any way whatsoever.

2. I would be charged three times above the professional rate of a non-covid patient.

3. I would be treated with a hospital protocol designed to euthanize patients.

A few hours after entering the hospital, I was administered a bevy of drugs that caused me to experience atrial fibrillation and a plethora of other complications. To make a long story short, let me write that I was placed on a ventilator for 18 days, and the physicians told my wife and daughter that I had a one percent chance to survive.

Murder By Ventilation

My doctors believed I wouldn’t survive because they knew the protocols they were forced to use in the treatment of covid patients were killing most people.

If the hospital and doctors wanted to get paid three times above the rate of non-covid patients, they had to follow the treatment protocol handed down by the powers that be.

Additionally, hospitals and physicians that didn’t follow covid treatment protocols were not protected by the emergency use authorizations that had been set up beforehand to legally protect hospital corporations from legal suits brought about by victims and their family members.

Mass Murder!

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As I sit in my home writing this and other posts for NoFakeNews, I continually choke and cough trying to get air into my lungs because my respiratory system was damaged from being on a ventilator for so long.

In the hospital where I was treated for covid, there were seven other patients on ventilators. I miraculously survived and the other folks didn’t.

It’s so ironic that what I wrote about for 20 months, warning strangers not to go to a hospital for covid treatment, is what nearly killed me. That unfortunate decision has drastically changed my life.

I wasn’t thinking properly on that September day because my oxygen levels were down. I do believe, with all my heart, that I was targeted because of the content I wrote on this platform about the plandemic.

Check out the following story by clicking here to read more about covid hospital protocols and ventilators.


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