Goodbye Mainstream Media… You’ve Been Found Out!

The 2016 US Presidential Election just might change the entire landscape of the United States Government. If Donald Trump defeats Hillary Clinton on November 8, the American people may witness changes in its country like never before.

Can Donald Trump really do the unthinkable? Can he defeat the Illuminati by capturing the White House and finally put an end to the American voting ritual that elects presidential puppets? It’s beginning to look like this might actually become a reality. Time will tell which candidate wins the presidency.

The 2016 election has already accomplished one very important thing for Americans regardless of the contest’s outcome. It has unveiled the true nature of the US mainstream media as well as who controls it. The American press/media has been found out. It will never be viewed by the American people in the same way again. The media is not a platform that offers fair and balanced reporting. It is a tool of the establishment that promotes its very own agendas and systematically discredits anyone and anything that poses a legitimate threat to what it wants to accomplish.

Watch the video below: