Do You Remember Event 201?

Dr. John Reizer

In October 2019, Event 201 took place in New York City. It was a dress rehearsal for the COVID-19 World Pandemic that was pre-planned by the controlling powers.

The Event 201 video was also made in 2019, well in advance of the alleged COVID-19 outbreak of 2020. Most people have never watched the video I am sharing today.

Watch the Video


This video was made in 2019


Target List – A Feature Film

Rachel Alig is Dr. Donna Sawyer in Target List



  hours  minutes  seconds


The Target List Movie Trailer is Released


The Target List Movie Trailer

Watch The Trailer Here


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Inside the Mind of Coronavirus Psychopaths

By Van Robison

Guest Contributor

This entire Coronavirus drama was preplanned by evil-minded geniuses, who have fooled much of the world by the very highly controlled mass-television “news” (propaganda), which is spewing out drivel 24/7.

False science and fear-mongering are simply tools of master-deception. The humans in positions of fake authority cook up schemes of this magnitude because they are driven by motives that the majority of ordinary humans are blind to.

Very few people in comparison to the population of nations question “authority” figures. They watch television “news” and think they hear the truth, without realizing they are being programmed and indoctrinated. Unfortunately, being naive and gullible is a tremendous human weakness.  It is natural to want to believe that what you are being told is the truth.

Liars and deceivers are plentiful in life on earth. The Coronavirus film script is a massive, major deception upon humanity, in support of worldwide vaccination (which is a draconian evil against all people) and destined to make $billions in $profits for the puppet-masters.

We live in a historical time when knowledge and truth are readily available to all. Still, sadly, too many want to be told what “truth” is through lying television and Hollywood movies, rather than doing their own in-depth research.

The psychos behind the Covid-19 scam are no doubt laughing all the way to the $bank.