Meet The Vaccine Nuts that Want to Fast-Track A Dangerous Product into Your Body This Fall

Dr. John Reizer

If you still have any doubts about what the fake Covid-19 world pandemic is really all about, please watch the excellent video clip below. It’s a compilation of recent press briefings and interviews featuring the “nuts” pushing the medical-industrial complex’s toxic vaccine products.

The fake viral pandemic we are all living through has nothing to do with a real virus! It has a lot to do with fast-tracking a seasonal vaccine for Covid-19 to market and reinforcing a medical paradigm that maintains citizens worldwide cannot survive without toxic, physiologically-suppressive drugs, and dangerous gene-altering vaccines.

Lives have been interrupted, and careers significantly impacted or destroyed because the elected monsters representing their constituents have agreed to sell out to big pharma, the WHO, CDC, and others that don’t have the public’s best interests in mind.

Watch the video, and absorb the information the “nuts” are presenting. Understand what’s been happening right in front of our eyes each day. The daily press briefings in the United States and around the world are drug infomercials being disguised as public updates offering science-based medical solutions. We’re regularly witnessing the purest form of quack-science imaginable.


Bill Gates Wants Digital Vaccine Certificates for All Citizens

By Dr. John Reizer

Bill Gates wants all citizens to be vaccinated against the coronavirus when a vaccine is wheeled out of the laboratory in the next several months or whenever one can be mass-produced for American citizens.

Mr. Gates, who is a staunch supporter of vaccinating the world against their collective will would like to see digital vaccine certificates used to track all persons in the country. The licenses would keep a real-time record of who was vaccinated and would help the government in restricting travel and mobility of people that are not in compliance with the recommended vaccine schedules put forth by the CDC and other government regulatory agencies.

Attorney General, William Barr is not in favor of the idea, according to Fox News. Click here to see the video.  The attorney general thinks the plan could be a slippery slope situation that could quickly escalate into an area that would raise civil liberty concerns.

The people that are running this fake viral epidemic (EVENT 202) have absolutely no shame. They have an agenda and are moving right along with their plan at lightning speed.  Mr. Gates and others like him have absolutely no regard or concern for civil liberties or the Constitution of the United States.

The fact that so many people nationwide are being forced to be in lockdown situations because of this ridiculous psyop event is entirely infuriating and most likely unconstitutional in its own right.

When a preventive vaccine is eventually offered to the American people, I hope enough of the population will have the common sense and strength to refuse the product.

We are going to be inundated with all types of reasons that citizens need to be benevolent soldiers and take their medicine for the good of the public health community. I hope that there will be some people smart enough to see through this marketing campaign, and they will not yield to the tremendous public pressure that will undoubtedly be forthcoming from government officials.

If the US Government tries to mandate a coronavirus vaccine or imposes travel restrictions on Americans that opt out of the vaccine plan, there will be tremendous outrage, and civil unrest observed throughout the country. Not everybody is going to go along with this type of law, and there will be physical resistance by US citizens.

I personally don’t see the American government mandating the coronavirus vaccine. I think the powers that be are going to try and accomplish their vaccination goals by attempting to scare the population into taking the medicinal concoction voluntarily.

I believe things are about to get even crazier than they currently are.