It’s Christmas TIME Again!

By Melissa Reizer

Guest Writer for

1520786_700930813273183_1414732192_aAccording to the merchants of the world, nothing says I love you more than a thoughtful gift! While some of us might believe that the best way to show our affection and love for others is through the spending of money on material items, I tend to disagree. It has been pounded into our heads by Madison Avenue that the more we spend on gifts, the more love we are expressing to a loved one.

A lot of people this holiday season were busy as usual trying to buy lots of gifts. And then there were some of us that became so stressed out with the acts of buying material items for others that we decided to opt out of the process by purchasing gift certificates in lieu of actual gifts.

When you ask most people why they buy gift certificates instead of specific gifts, they often reply, “It’s just easier and I don’t know what to get people that already have everything.”

I like the idea of buying gift certificates for friends and family members, because I enjoy going with them, after the holidays, to find out what gift they will choose. I believe that a gift certificate today represents a wonderful day in the future filled with shopping and bonding! In reality, it represents a chance to spend time with someone that I care about.

After all these years I have finally come to the realization that the most important gift I can give to a loved one this holiday season is my time, not a material product. The problem with our modern lives is that everybody is always so busy that we don’t have the chance to spend enough time with one another.

Offering our time to loved ones is the most precious gift possible. Time spent getting to know someone’s particular taste in clothes, music, or art is absolutely priceless.

Time is what builds memories! Time will move on with or without you! Remember to use your time wisely because you only get one shot at this! This particular Christmas season will come once in your lifetime! When it is over, you will remember the time spent with family and loved ones, not the material gifts you may or may not receive.

It’s the Most Wonderful (Hectic) Time of the Year

By Dr. John Reizer

Editor at


The holiday season is upon us once again. It is, undoubtedly, one of the most hectic times of the entire year. The holidays are usually associated with music, trips to the shopping mall, credit card purchases, long lines in department stores, decorations, parties and lots of unwanted stress.

One of the biggest challenges we all face, every December, is trying to select gifts for people that already have everything you could possibly purchase in a store.

Someone recently asked me what I wanted for Christmas this year. I paused for a moment to think about the question. I really had no idea what I wanted or needed in the form of a material gift. After thinking about the question for a few moments, I responded by telling the person that all I wanted for Christmas was good health.

Sometimes it becomes easy to overlook our health as we become caught up in collecting material items that are really not that important. It would be hard for me to imagine how any person could enjoy a material item without having his or her health intact.

As a doctor of chiropractic, I would like to take this opportunity to remind people that it is important to take care of their bodies. Remember to get plenty of exercise and rest on a regular basis. Also it is important to remember to eat a healthy, balanced diet that consists of a variety of nutritious foods. With all of the stress and rushing around that takes place during the holidays, it is very easy to neglect our bodies and become sick. In addition, remember to leave enough time in a busy schedule to see the chiropractor.

Chiropractic is a great way to maintain an efficient running nervous system which is ultimately responsible for keeping the body strong and in good shape so that it is able to fight off opportunistic microbes that can cause health problems.

I hope that everyone receives the gift of good health this holiday season.