The Artemis Psyop — Picking Up Where the Apollo Fakery Left Off!

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5 thoughts on “The Artemis Psyop — Picking Up Where the Apollo Fakery Left Off!

  1. Kenneth T. April 24, 2023 / 1:14 pm

    …perhaps there is more truth in The Blue Marble.
    Sure! Why not?

    • NoFakeNews April 24, 2023 / 1:37 pm

      Thanks for sharing, Kenneth! 👍🙂

  2. lhakes12 April 24, 2023 / 1:27 pm

    “IT DIDN’T HAPPEN.” & “IT COULD HAVE BEEN SCARY.” – Apollo 11 Astronaut, Buzz Aldrin

    My cousin Jeff’s deep-thinking view of our planetary system and our spiritual universe. I think much of it is great! I just take what I want and leave the rest. – Lisa

    6 days ago

    “Happy Monday
    Moon day
    Happy Illumination Day
    The ghost rider in the sky
    I have a different opinion of what the
    Moon, or the Sun for that matter
    Actually are

    I don’t believe the Sun is a burning ball of fire
    Millions of miles away from us
    And I sure don’t believe the moon is a rock with craters in it floating around the earth where the dark side of it,
    Never faces the earth.

    I don’t believe the Sun is a burning ball of fire
    Millions of miles away from us
    And I sure don’t believe in the idea of outer space, planets, galaxies, Asteroids, Comets, or stars either.
    At least in the perspective that things like Mainstream science or NASA teach us they are

    I believe in the Earth and that we live in a dual reality.
    Once which is physical matter
    And the other which is the realm of spirit mind and consciousness.
    The ether in which dreams are made of

    And Earth is the infinite terrain And body of it
    The sky feels like a net or a projection of a living theater
    I feel like planetariums are just little versions of the real organic thing

    The sun and the moon
    Are lights in the Firmament so they say
    As the zodiac, the Mazaroth
    The sky itself spins around the Sun And the north pole of earth sits firmly under the Polaris

    Causing the spiral phenomena, we see

    And why it never changes over time

    The Firmament isn’t a dome over earth as we know it
    But is the Dome of the Sky And space itself
    It’s much bigger than the earth realm we are taught of
    Because there’s much more to the earth realm beyond the known 7 continents we live on
    What we think of as other planets are just other kingdoms and realms outside of our oceans
    There are also wandering stars

    I believe this

    Because I am not an atheist or a doubter of the creator

    There are two realms in one
    We are just living in the physical shadow of the true light
    In these bodies like avatars

    Our true spiritual higher self projects to us
    From the spirit realm
    What we call God Or the creator
    In one cosmic mind
    That we all share
    And we are just splinters and fragments of the one creator consciousness experiencing itself

    The moon and the sun are living beings that work as portals between realms
    The sun is the entrance
    And the moon is the Exit
    So they say

    Perhaps it’s the other way around?

    As much as they say
    To avoid the light when you die
    I wonder if that’s inversion or psyops tho
    It’s a popular concept in the psyops community
    Because it makes sense to me
    That the Sun would be the portal from heaven

    We come from the Sun
    Through the sun as souls
    And our light finds physical life to manifest through
    In the act of love and conception
    Then become the breathe or life or
    Spiritual light in the body’s of an embryo
    In a woman’s womb

    This life makes all the difference in our purpose and memory of who and what we are

    The conditions and indoctrination of this world exist to pull us away from that inner light we are made of
    To suppress it and deactivate into a state of stasis where only the lower density ideations and ego mechanisms are alive, while the spirit slumbers on
    Never awakening
    So we serve the system and constructs
    Of ‘Fallen Angels’ as slaves to their ideologies

    But many of us do have that Inner dialogue
    Those of us who recognize it know it’s our true higher self
    And not just
    Voices or some bullshit bipolar conditions
    Thou trauma does create multiple personalities of the ego when we aren’t in touch with our true nature and we are lost is our psychological suffering

    When we die
    Our spiritual light collects in the cycles of the moon
    The real reason we have crescent moons and the slow leading up to full moons, has nothing to do with angles of the sun or the moon

    That’s part of the deception to project our minds into exoteric illusions
    Clever might I add

    But the different phases of the moon are actually caused by the collection of souls it gathers each month
    All the people who pass on
    The orbs of their souls are collected in the plasma photonic lunar light of the moon

    Ever seen the beginning of a movie, and seen the little boy sitting on the crescent moon
    He’s fishing for souls

    So when we die
    Our light is taken to the moon
    Returns the dead to one of three places

    Reincarnation on earth

    Into the black sun below us, ‘spiritual hell’ aka Saturn

    Or back to the Sun where we originally come from
    Into the spiritual realms or heavens

    But Earth is and remains the heart
    The center of ALL physical life
    Because there’s not place like home
    This is the garden of Eden
    So to speak

    The apple represents sleep or spiritual death
    We’ve all been cast out and living in the land of the dead
    Except those who are spiritually awakened

    Aliens are real
    But they are of the Spirit realms
    They are the angels and demons
    Of our imaginations
    But they have no allegiance to mankind
    Or our religions about the Spirit world

    Because the Creator in One mind
    Experiencing itself as everything in creation
    Like a dream world within a dream world
    We’re all just energy and consciousness living through vessels
    Sailing the seas of time
    Polarized by fear and saved by love”

    • NoFakeNews April 24, 2023 / 1:37 pm

      Great stuff, Lisa! Thanks so much for sharing! 👍🙂


      • lhakes12 April 24, 2023 / 3:25 pm


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