Please Watch, Rate, and Review the Target List Movie!

Dr. John Reizer

For many years, Hollywood movie productions have been gifted billions of dollars by governments and other powerful entities. Most movies are funded to create perceptions in people’s minds about a plethora of subjects. Those perceptions are far removed from reality.

Does Somebody Have an Agenda?

In 2019, I began the arduous task of writing a novel titled The Target List. Nearly four years later, the story has been transformed into a feature film that entertains and delivers a powerful message to an audience desperately in need of hearing one.

Many talented artists and creative people have worked hard to make this movie a reality. The film is finally complete and has been released!

We have a unique opportunity to promote and support a cinematic production on major platforms that can awaken humanity.

Will people support our product? I certainly hope so because it was a monumental task to make the movie. I nearly lost my life in the middle of the process because some people were not happy about the fact that I write on certain subjects with precision accuracy.

Please take the time to watch, rate, and honestly review Target List. I will include a link below to the movie’s IMDb page where people can rate the film, leave a review, or do both.

Thanks again for your support!

Please rate our movie on IMDb!

Target List IMDb Page

IMDb Rating Scale Guide

IMDb Rating Scale Guide

10 – A movie that is in a class of its own!

9 – An excellent movie.

8 – A great movie.

7 – A good movie.

6 – A better than average movie.

5 – An average movie.

4 – A worse than average movie.

3 – Bad.

2 – Awful.

1 – Terrible! Unwatchable!

Target List IMDb Page


Target List – Feature Film

An Andrew Arguello & MJ Palo Film

“Curing Cancer Was Their First Mistake!”

1 hour and 40 minutes runtime



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IMDb Page

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