The only pandemic that has existed for three years is the one centered around the massive number of people who can’t critically think!

Dr. John Reizer

To have a world pandemic, there must be several epidemics occurring simultaneously in different countries. To have epidemics, there must be case numbers attributed to a specific infectious disease.

There is no valid diagnostic test in existence capable of accurately detecting a sars-cov-2 virus that has never been properly isolated through the rigors of science.

Following the dictates of science and microbiology, it can be deduced that there is no COVID-19 disease because the virus allegedly linked to the infection has never been discovered.

Without a virus or a diagnostic tool to test for the pathogen, there cannot be legitimate case numbers. Without legitimate case numbers, there cannot be an epidemic let alone a world pandemic.

We have been lied to by governments for three years about the world pandemic. This is too disturbing for most people to handle and so even when the truth is presented, most in society can’t handle the narrative. This phenomenon is known as cognitive dissonance.

Have people gotten sick from something else besides sars-cov-2? I think this is a distinct possibility. I believe lots of people have been poisoned by stealth technologies and those casualties were later blamed on a fake virus.

Many case numbers were undoubtedly created by statistically placing other illnesses in the COVID-19 category.

Individuals capable of critical thinking must understand that the primary reason for the plandemic in the first place was to vaccinate as many people as possible. Fooling the general public about an imaginary virus was the easiest way to successfully pull off a global vaccine genocide.


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2 thoughts on “The only pandemic that has existed for three years is the one centered around the massive number of people who can’t critically think!

  1. lhakes12 December 30, 2022 / 9:24 am

    “Ashtar Sheran: Your Future On Eden” Channeled by Sharon Stewart
    Copyright 2020

    Sharon: Ashtar, I just heard that 5G has something to do with Corona Virus. Wuhan was the first city to implement 5G, now the virus is rampant there.
    Ashtar: This is correct. It does have to do with Corona Virus. Your DNA behaves differently at lower levels of vibration, lower frequencies, than it does at higher frequencies incur sickness more often than those with higher vibrations. This is why it is so important to keep your frequency high at this time. So important!
    It is important not to fear any virus because when you do, you become more vulnerable to it. Your DNA behaves differently (yes, it’s conscious) and as a result you can expose yourself to these pathogens if you fear. I can’t stress that enough.
    So, what does 5G have to do with viral warfare? The answer to that is that IT CAN SPREAD LOW LEVEL FREQUENCIES WHICH TRIGGER YOU DNA INTO ACTING VIRULENTLY AGAINST ITSELF. It’s like cancer.
    Sharon: There’s a story behind cancer, too, I’m intuiting.
    Ashtar: There is. Your controllers are about attacking. They attack everything. That’s their nature. That’s how they think. The best way, they feel, to cull the population is to have the body attack itself. Cancer was instituted for this reason. Again, this has to do with lower frequencies. When you live in a lower frequency you’re more vulnerable to cancer. When you’re frequency rises, your DNA behaves more healthy and you’re not prone to disease to the same extent; on the contrary, you can heal more readily whatever you had. The man who cured cancer by laughing was on track. He raised his vibration and got his DNA to function less dysfunctionally.
    The chemtrails they’re spreading, the low health value of food you eat, the poisons and A.I. they put into your foods, low level microwave, wifi and radio waves (yes, those too) all work to change your DNA to have it attack itself. [And I think we can definately add vaccinations to that list. L.H.]
    Introduction of a pathogen which is spreadable by breathing is old story. That is the old level.
    They are working on creating a system to have you kill yourselves off.”

    So John, your idea of raising our frequencies to heal cancer using radio frequencies with the wand in the Target List is not far off from the truth!!

    And I have already rented the movie three times and watched it numerous times. I may even rent it one more time.
    I highly recommend everyone to check it out while they still can! It’s packed with entertainment and truth!


    • Dr. John Reizer December 30, 2022 / 9:48 am

      Interesting material, Lisa! Thanks for sharing.

      The WAND instrument in the Target List is a fictional tool. However, I believe that the instrument could become a reality someday soon. The physics principles I have described in the novel relating to WAND are very plausible concepts that I believe can and do apply in real life. 👍🙂


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