Donald J. Trump and The Goodbye America Tour (Credit Cards Accepted)

By Ashley Hayes

Recently, I came across a book by Lisa Duggan, entitled Mean Girl – Ayn Rand and The Culture of Greed. Published in 2019, Duggan’s book details how Ayn (rhymes with “line”) Rand, author of books of fiction, The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged, helped create the cultural context for “everyday neoliberalism” — the promotion of selfishness, greed and inequality. (Supporting that stance is the fact that Rand also published, in 1964, a collection of non-fiction essays entitled, The Virtue of Selfishness.)

Rand’s philosophical system, expressed in her books, is one she branded “Objectivism,” describing it as “the concept of man as a heroic being, with his own happiness as the moral purpose of his life, with productive achievement as his noblest activity, and reason as his only absolute.” There is no room for compassion, sacrifice, or service to others less privileged in Rand’s world. Indeed, she holds contempt for “social inferiors” and wholly embraces indifference to their plight.

Rand celebrates cruelty and inequality and Atlas romanticizes violence and domination. Her ideal man, Duggan states, [is a white Alpha male who] has an unconflicted sense of superiority and his fantasies of success and domination include no doubt or guilt. As such, it may come as no surprise that many leaders in Washington look upon Rand as a god, their [im]moral compass.

Donald Trump’s cabinet was filled with “Randians,” and his pick for Secretary of Labor, (before he withdrew), Andy Puzder, was against raising the minimum wage and wanted to automate fast-food jobs. There was also Rex Tillerson, Steve Bannon and, as you may have guessed, Trump himself. (

Trump is, in every way, Ayn Rand’s kind of guy. Take, for instance, Trump University, a program he launched in 2005, piggybacking on his success as a reality TV host. Trump pitched it as a program to help people get wealthy by learning to invest in real estate through courses taught by “experts” hand-picked by him (though when lawsuits for fraud later ensued, he denied knowing these hand-picked-by-him experts). While a multi-CD-ROM kit was available for $300, if you “really” wanted to become wildly successful and wealthy, attending Trump University in the form of in-person real estate seminars was a must. While the first seminar was free, attendees were aggressively encouraged to buy the various wealth-building packages, which ranged from $10,000 to $35,000; others were told to immediately increase the credit limits on their credit cards, and not to let fear hold them back from investing in themselves.

Two class action lawsuits for fraud ensued, as well as individual lawsuits and one brought by the NY attorney general. And in an only-in-America twist, Trump agreed to settle, for $25 milliion, paying the agreed upon sum three days before being sworn in as the next president of the United States.

A 2017 investigation conducted by of court documents, Trump University records, and sworn statements by those duped revealed a “playbook” existed that encouraged salespeople to prey upon the most vulnerable: “Staff members were instructed to target vulnerable people for sales, with a clear effort to identify targets such as single mothers and the elderly. The 2010 Playbook . . . spelled out scripts and sales tactics that preyed on consumers’ vulnerabilities. Within the examples given to salespeople, instructors were told to target these vulnerabilities—“[f]or example: are they a single parent of three children that may need money for food?” A former instructor described it as an effort that “preyed upon the elderly and uneducated to separate them from their money.” (

By most standards, this would be considered contemptible, but not to followers of Ayn Rand. Duggan states, [Rand’s ideal version of a man is one who] “showcases contempt for lesser beings and cool indifference to their suffering — even to their very existence. . . He is guiltless.”

While some may immediately envision the thousands of kids in cages (hundreds of whom have never been reunited with their parents), others will, of course, focus on Trump’s Operation Warp Speed, the mass-injection of Americans with an unproven (and, we know, unnecessary) concoction that has killed hundreds of thousands of innocent, trusting individuals, permanently disabled hundreds of thousands of others, and sterilized untold thousands of others. While it is a crime against humanity like no other, Trump sees it as a huge success, primarily because it accomplished what he, and his fellow Rand acolytes wanted: billions for his friends, depopulation, and the kick-off to transhumanism, and the nanotechnology-assisted ability to enslave and control the masses. (Let me interject here to say I am discussing an issue of humanity, not one of left/right, red/blue. I am also not slamming
Trump just to slam Trump. I am apolitical. I am simply providing facts and things to ponder.)

Moving on, while you may have heard Trump recently announced he is again running for the presidency in 2024, you may not know of the [very profitable] side-gig he has long had, in an industry in which he has consistently performed, for decades: public speaking.

A Collection of Get Motivated Seminar Speakers

While the picture above shows some of the speakers who have performed at Get Motivated motivational seminars, illustrating that Trump isn’t the only one cashing in on this multi-billion-dollar industry, Trump is the only one using it as an actual fundraiser, drumming up support for his 2024 run for the presidency.

To be clear, these seminars are no different than the Trump University ones I described; and while the speakers here are paid much more than those were, they do in fact also sell product, programs, books and subscriptions. Trump, however, has taken it to a whole new level (or, more accurately, new depth), as reported:

In a May 2022 article, they reported he was on the “American Freedom Tour” (AFT), a seminar company run by a man named Brian Forte ( Forte also helped run the Get Motivated Seminars, along with his sister, Tamara Lowe and her now ex-husband, Peter. While those were typically either free, or almost free (the speakers are counting on their ability to sell you product), the American Freedom Tour (only the name has changed) is clearly using their platform as a for-profit political campaign.

The Axiom article states that Forte himself even got on stage and just flat-out asked for donations (!) from people who had already paid to be there. He did this after Trump had spoken, going so far as to put a big ol’ QR Code on screens throughout the arena, so that people could photograph it with their phones and donate. He did this despite the fact that many had paid $4000 or more to be there! [For the record, Get Motivated, a company repeatedly labeled as a scam, was sold, then sued for $12 million, so they appear to have just changed names to continue doing business. I have no idea as to the legality of that, but I do know that’s what’s happening. I keep up with them because, in a weird twist, I have personal connections to this company: In 2007, I sold their rep many thousands of branded beachballs to toss around at their concerts. They used the balls but did not pay me the
$10,000 they owed me. I sued and won. Their rep retaliated and sued me for slander. Two years were then wasted, with us both walking away. In the interim, my life was hi-jacked, and turned upside-down. It was only years later that I noticed their rep’s subpoena was sent to EACH of the 95 (freemason) sheriffs in my state. I’ll leave it to you to decide if the targeting I have written about is connected….]

Finally, in July, the Washington Post also ran an article on Trump’s speaking gig entitled Trump’s New Money-maker: Political Speeches To Fans
( They report much the same things Axiom did, adding that people lined up based on how much they had paid. But they also were not aware the money was going to Trump, and for all I know, they may not even care. They are proving what Trump’s handlers work hard to achieve: dazzle the ignorant masses with celebrity and false hope and you can get away with just about anything, including extraordinary cruelty.

Collecting money from people whose enslavement you have initiated without their knowledge while calling it the “American Freedom” tour is diabolical.

Ms. Rand would be proud.

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Ashley Hayes is a former business entrepreneur, patented inventor, researcher, and writer seeking to bring attention to the clearly-organized crimes of unlawful and corrupt law enforcement and fusion center personnel against innocent Americans and citizens worldwide, as well as crimes committed by military contractors via 21st century technology, and to the pandemic of child trafficking by those in power.


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12 thoughts on “Donald J. Trump and The Goodbye America Tour (Credit Cards Accepted)

  1. Roark November 19, 2022 / 2:02 pm

    Ashley’s post is an oversimplification of both Ayn Rand and DJT to be sure. The examples she uses are questionable.

    Said children in cages she refers to were initiated by the Obama administration. DJT knew the tyrants wished to lockdown the world while the vaccines were developed and tested for 5-10 years. In this respect, he thwarted the wicked globalists by allowing for the country to reopen ASAP! You will recall there was no mandate under his lead. As for Trump University, these claims strike me as similar to the dozen or so women claiming he was a womanizer who when challenged legally, each folded, one by one.

    As for Ayn Rand and her book / philosophy, Ashley would have us believe Ayn Rand was simply about clawing her way to the top and to hell with anyone else. Instead, like in Jonathan Livingston Seagull, she celebrated the endless pursuit of brilliance in creativity and in one’s career! Rand and her philosophy was/were not perfect, however in a world that is all too often mediocre, her celebrating the pursuit of perfection was admirable and inspiring to many wanting to successfully live the American dream. Did she fail to appreciate the masses struggle enough? Perhaps, however that really wasn’t her focus in these 2 famous books. Coming from Russia and having to make something of herself, perhaps she looked to the stars, rather than dwelling on her humble beginnings.

    At a time when our country is in such peril, clearly because of bad personnel for 100+ years, is it really wise to merely try to find fault in DJT, a man who has gone up against so many odds, yet still has the love of 70+ million Americans?

    • Dr. John Reizer November 19, 2022 / 2:31 pm

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Roark! 🙂


    • sandy edwards November 19, 2022 / 5:01 pm

      What a crock

      • Dr. John Reizer November 19, 2022 / 5:24 pm

        Thanks for checking in, Sandy! 🙂

  2. lhakes12 November 19, 2022 / 3:55 pm

    You always bring something for us to ponder, Ashley!
    My first and last impression of Trump is that he is an ego-manic. And I am sure that he has already sold his soul to the devil just like the rest of them. Biden is a mindless puppet and Trump is a big dope puppet! And any compassion he might display is most likely phoney. And that goes for most of these rich elite imposters.

    Their wickedness probably runs deeper than we care to imagine!


    • Dr. John Reizer November 19, 2022 / 5:12 pm

      Thanks for sharing, Lisa! 🙂

    • Ashley November 19, 2022 / 10:51 pm

      Deeper than we care to imagine indeed, Lisa!

  3. Ashley November 19, 2022 / 10:53 pm

    Hi Roark,
    Thanks for your post.
    – I simply stated facts supported by evidence, and stand by my opinion that a billionaire (not to mention a former president) pocketing money from hard-working American citizens who had already paid to see him for what they thought was a motivational seminar — citizens who, somehow, are still oblivious to what Operation Warp Speed actually meant for them (hint: it wasn’t for your health, and it certainly wasn’t for your freedom) was deplorable. (And I would say it if we were discussing any other president who claims to be a “Randian, as Trump has, and who had done these thngs.) Had it been called “Operation Hurry Up Before You Have Time To Think This Through,” we’d be looking at a different country today, as many would’ve at least suspected something was fishy, and the transhumanism agenda actively being implemented (nudged forward with each president since Clinton) wouldn’t be progressing the way it is.

    – Who built the cages is irrelevant.

    – As for Trump.University, I don’t understand your comments and how that relates to abused women who failed to continue pursuing lawsuits. Perhaps they were threatened. (Ronan Farrow and others have reported as much.) But, as someone who actually purchased Trump University, I know of what the CD-ROM package consisted; as for the reports on the seminars, per my article, the reports come directly from court documents and sworn affidavits. This is undebatable public knowledge.
    – i am unclear as to your reason for separating Trump from “the globalists.”
    – I am unclear as to what “odds” Trump was against. He was placed there — as ALL presidents are — by those above him to forward their agenda. (Articles here and on other truth-telling sites have provably reported this fact for years.)
    – Finally, my article wasn’t meant (as I stated) to find fault in DJT. It was meant to illuminate something not commonly known; evidence-supported facts I think are important to share with readers who care about our world. (And my personal interactions with this very company who literally stole from me — as court documents prove — and endangered my life and that of my child by, essentially, having 95 sheriff’s offices target me; a violent, malicious situation that continues to this day, fit perfectly with the story, oddly enough.)
    Thanks again.

  4. Dr. John Reizer November 19, 2022 / 11:33 pm

    Another great article, Ashley! 👍🙂

    • Ashley November 20, 2022 / 11:31 am

      Thanks, John.😊👍

  5. Roark November 22, 2022 / 2:05 pm

    Complete oversimplification once again, as none of the points I made were considered. It really sounds like you simply have an axe to grind, which is done very well.

    Trump is now part of something much bigger even than most of his 80+ million fans know.

    We will all find out in the months ahead, when even DJT’s detractors will benefit, yet naturally refuse to sing any praises, since hate springs eternal for some.

    • Jim Rogers November 22, 2022 / 11:56 am

      You have got to be kidding, Roark. DJT was as much a puppet of a controlling world government as any other POTUS that has been in the same seat for several decades, if not longer.

      Trump was intentionally placed in the Oval Office by the same handlers that place all American presidents in power. He was inserted there to do a job — create distractions and run interference while one of the biggest crimes ever perpetrated against Americans was committed in the way of a vaccine genocide.

      Trump supported big pharma like all his predecessors or else he wouldn’t have been selected as POTUS.

      If you are still at a level of understanding where you believe there is a genuine difference between presidential political candidates or parties for that matter, then it’s pointless for me to debate this issue with you any further.

      If you are trying to solve America’s real problems through a completely controlled political system where red and blue teams exchange leadership roles ceremoniously every few years, good luck to you.

      DJT is not interested in helping anyone other than the people and organizations that can keep him in a position of power. That group includes big pharma’s ass which he kissed for four years during his presidency.

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