Is this guy kidding? You would have to arrest the leaders of every government in the world!

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Government Lies and Conspiracies

1. Covid is a real virus that came from a bat.

2. Covid leaked from a Chinese lab where gain of function work was being conducted.

3. The Covid vaccines were made with a new technology in under a year.

4. The vaccines prevent the spread and transmission of a deadly virus.

5. The sars-cov-2 virus has been isolated using accepted scientific standards like Koch’s postulates.

6. The covid vaccines are safe and no one has died from adverse reactions.

7. PCR tests work to accurately confirm the presence of covid infections and have not been purposely rigged to create hundreds of millions of fake case numbers to get EUAs issued.

8. No doctors or scientists have been censored or prevented from telling the truth about the fake pandemic.

9. Wearing face masks every day is a safe practice and protected people from dangerous pathogens.

10. Standing six feet apart from other people prevents the spread of the deadly covid virus.

The number of lies and conspiratorial activities is too numerous to list in a brief article. I think readers get the point.


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8 thoughts on “Is this guy kidding? You would have to arrest the leaders of every government in the world!

  1. Kenneth T. November 5, 2022 / 3:24 am

    But arresting the leaders is not enough. We must not forget about scientists and many different doctor types too.
    Should I continue or is that enough?
    The corruption goes deep, Deep, DEEP

    • Dr. John Reizer November 5, 2022 / 9:36 am

      Absolutely, Kenneth! 👍

  2. Kenneth T. November 5, 2022 / 3:35 am

    Here we go again with the idea of creating The Thought Police from George Orwell’s 1984

  3. lhakes12 November 5, 2022 / 8:06 am

    These governmental officials are so fearful of truths coming out that they are attempting to arrest people who speak their minds. And as one commenter pointed out, how would that restore any trust or faith people might have in their leaders?
    Plus, I think that there would be a heck of a lot of truthseekers they would have to arrest. And most sane people would see the obsurdy of this no matter what side of the fence they are on.
    It sounds like a desperate move. But it is frightening to think about where this could lead. Inch by inch they are trying to take away our freedoms. If they can’t brainwash us they want to punish us for being able to think clearly. All the more reason to stay strong because their is power in numbers. They can’t take us all!

    • lhakes12 November 5, 2022 / 8:19 am

      And, yes, John! These governmental officials are the real liers and conspirators. They are the ones who should be put in the clink, and have the keys thrown away!


      • Dr. John Reizer November 5, 2022 / 9:44 am

        Without a doubt, they are the main liars that have been speaking out and are continuing to do so.


    • Dr. John Reizer November 5, 2022 / 9:42 am

      We must all stay strong, Lisa. Thanks for sharing!


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