Critical Thinkers Wanted!

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3 thoughts on “Critical Thinkers Wanted!

  1. lhakes12 September 15, 2022 / 4:36 pm

    Cuz Jeff’s Facebook
    14 hrs ago

    “You could actually do something
    To help wake each other up here

    I think about the future
    The children
    The innocence
    Papa bear will protect

    But still so many cowards out there
    That don’t do shit
    But watch 👀☺

    The sound of silence

    The silence of the lambs

    Don’t like to be called what they are

    Sheep 🐑

    Social media
    Despite the censorship and false reality fact checkers

    Is actually one of tbe best forms of freedom of speech that we have left
    And despite the surveillance bullshit from unit 8200
    And Military/government funded cyber security
    It’s still a wonderful opportunity to step up
    Wake up, Unite and seek in confusing times

    But you don’t
    You’re all worried about the dumbest shit
    That doesn’t even matter
    If I get specific I’ll hurt feelings

    But Shame on almost everyone

    You have no conscious
    No care for anyone but yourselves
    Your material bullshit
    And your inferior dramas

    So few of you are actually awake
    And trying to engage

    Some of you are aware
    But you keep it to yourselves
    You are some of the most selfish fuckers alive
    You don’t bother because it just pulls you down with them
    You say they are too far gone
    I say you aren’t trying hard enough
    You’re not being real enough
    You’re not challenging people enough
    People are just being bitches about it
    And quitters

    Some of you are awake
    But only half awake
    And you think you know it all
    And that any other truth is still a conspiracy theory


    Everything is a conspiracy theory
    And everything is true

    Let that sink in

    It’s called a Psyop
    But you don’t understand basic psychology 101

    That’s why you still

    Dare to be stupid

    Your afraid of your family and friends judging you
    You’re afraid of getting a violation on social media
    You’re afraid of being labeled an extremist or domestic terrorist
    Or anti semite for simply having the courage to question liars
    You’re afraid of becoming me
    You’re afraid of government agents spying on you
    God fuck all if you might get arrested? Right?
    These administrations have done a number on your psyche
    You don’t know anything about psychological warfare or times of war

    You just wanna play and have fun
    Escape real life bullshit
    I get it

    But that’s your Achilles heel

    I know you are all afraid

    That’s why you are all cowards

    And no friends of mine”

    • Dr. John Reizer September 15, 2022 / 12:45 pm

      Thanks for sharing, Lisa! 👍😀

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