It’s all based on bull$hit!

Dr. John Reizer

When you go to a medical doctor for wellness care services, the advice you receive is based on bull$hit! You will be offered the most toxic chemicals in existence that are claimed to maintain your health. Don’t you believe it!

When you go to a dentist for wellness services, the advice you receive is based on bull$hit. You will be offered some of the most toxic chemicals in existence claimed to preserve your teeth. Don’t you believe it!

When you take your pets to a veterinarian for wellness care services, the advice you receive is based on bull$hit! Your pet will be offered some of the most toxic chemicals in existence claimed to maintain your four-legged friend’s health. Don’t you believe it!

If you have a medical, dental, or animal health emergency on your hands — utilize the identified professional services aforementioned. Otherwise, stay the heck away from these practitioners and their products. Their ideas about health prevention are not their ideas. They are peddling big pharma’s ideas and those concepts are dangerous to animal and human health.

When you encounter the nonsense listed above, you won’t recognize it as bull$hit because it is embraced by society and accepted as proper public health advice.

The bull$hit I write about is broadcast through officialdom as science-based medicine. There is no science attached to the practice of wellness-based medicine, only bull$hit, and none of it is good for you or your pets’ health!


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6 thoughts on “It’s all based on bull$hit!

  1. lhakes12 September 14, 2022 / 4:04 pm

    And I think brushing your teeth regularly with flouride to maintain good teeth is bullshit, John!
    Although it’s fine if you want to use only a brush or a toothpaste that does not contain fluoride such as activated charcoal. That is what I have used. And there are others as well.
    But, John, I am almost embarrassed to share my personal story on my teeth. As most know I have a son with autism (vaccine-injured). And with that comes many complications. One being that everything needs to be locked up in our home. That includes toothpaste because he will eat an entire tube.
    And as of recently I got plum lazy about about getting the toothpaste out of lock up.

    I do visit the dentist regularly every six months or so for cleanings to get the plaque off my teeth. And I haven’t had a problem with my teeth in years.
    Although I am usually told I have a significant amount of plaque on them when I go in. But this last time I hadn’t brushed my teeth the entire time. And surprisingly, my teeth had very little plaque on them. And I was given praise as to how well my teeth were.

    I just wanted to laugh! Haha, 😀 Not only were my teeth okay, but they were great!
    And I never brushed them! And only flossed them when needed.

    Now before anyone thinks it’s okay not to brush your teeth, I will tell you that I had started consuming some foods regularly that are supposed to be beneficial in killing bacteria from your teeth. That would be dark chocolate and coconut water.

    But the bottom line is that flouride is poison!
    Its even been used as a pesticide!


    • Dr. John Reizer September 14, 2022 / 4:16 pm

      Thanks for sharing, Lisa. You have probably kicked the hornet’s nest with your anti-fluoride comments. The fluoride nazis will be coming out of the woodwork now. 🤣


      • lhakes12 September 14, 2022 / 5:32 pm

        Well, I proudly wear the badge of truthseeker, John!
        So let the flouride nazis come! 😂
        The proof is in the pudding!


    • Kenneth T. September 14, 2022 / 6:41 pm

      You are not alone… the wife and I are ALSO anti-flouride

      • lhakes12 September 14, 2022 / 8:07 pm

        That’s super, Kenneth! 👍

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