An Important Announcement is Coming Soon!

Dr. John Reizer

I used to write about subjects other than the coronavirus. For me, it’s been many months of continually working on content that has analyzed where the medical hoax was headed next.

I don’t know about you, but I am tired of COVID-19. The plandemic is headed in a direction that will undoubtedly cause people to panic and make bad decisions. I don’t know if we can do anything more, at this point, to save people from themselves. I will continue my efforts here to try and inform others.

Changing subjects…

For the longest time, I wrote articles about big pharma companies and their ties to the criminal cancer industry. Cancers are all intellectual properties owned and operated at the highest levels by pharmaceutical corporations.

There’s never been an attempt to eradicate these intellectual properties because they make powerful companies lots of money. I have personally watched friends and family members die from cancer and the treatments associated with these diseases.

What really keeps me from getting too depressed in life are my different creative writing projects. In 2019, I authored The Target List novel, which later became an audiobook on Audible. Recently, I co-wrote The Target List screenplay with an award-winning screenwriter, MJ Palo.

The Target List, surprisingly, was well-received by readers. The reason I use the word surprisingly is that the action thriller story highlights machinations taking place behind the scenes orchestrated by multinational drug companies concerning the criminal cancer business.

I have an important announcement about the novel/screenplay that I will soon share with readers here. I am going to do something unprecedented by offering NoFakeNews visitors a unique opportunity to be a part of the next stage of this creative project.

This is something that I feel is important. I believe the more like-minded people involved with a project, the better the chances will be for future success.

I will publish a more detailed description of everything about to occur as soon as things become finalized.

In the meantime, I will continue to write about the biggest threat we humans have had to face in a long time — the plandemic.




14 thoughts on “An Important Announcement is Coming Soon!

  1. sandy edwards September 24, 2020 / 3:46 pm

    I am tired of Covid too. But, because it so profoundly affects our daily lives I feel the need to know everything I can as it happens. I can take a break from it but have to continue trying to keep up with the latest on covid. I have read The Target List and enjoyed it. Good luck with whatever you have planned.

    • NoFakeNews September 24, 2020 / 3:59 pm

      I assure you, Sandy, I have no intention to stop writing about the pandemic. I am in this until the end and would never stop providing information to those who want to be informed.

      Dr. Reizer

      • sandy edwards September 24, 2020 / 4:06 pm

        Tks, Dr. Reizer. I am happy to hear this and know you have done so much more than your share. I have been trying to let all this go and enter the trance as most others seem to be doing but it’s impossible. I am in all the way.

    • NoFakeNews September 24, 2020 / 4:02 pm

      Thanks for sharing, Tim! 🙂

    • sandy edwards September 24, 2020 / 4:19 pm

      Is this going to help or speed up the 2nd wave? I have a very bad feeling about October.

  2. Kenneth T. September 24, 2020 / 4:42 pm

    On the Corona frontline…

    IF pinesol works so good against this blasted virus why wasn’t it used in the beginning?

    • sandy edwards September 24, 2020 / 5:40 pm

      because they preferred to let us all ingest more poison thru our skin. Sad but true.

  3. sandy edwards September 24, 2020 / 5:46 pm

    One thing that has me puzzled is letting us so called normal humans eat the gmo foods, along with the air, etc. why are they not concerned about their own selves when they have the satanic rituals with us regular humans. I mean we all must be full of the crap they have been allowing us to have so why aren’t they afraid of our meat and blood????? Not quite getting it other than the high they get from the actual act.

  4. Renee Terry September 24, 2020 / 6:57 pm

    Is your novel going to be a movie, Dr. John? I read the story last year and thought it was excellent.


    • NoFakeNews September 24, 2020 / 7:44 pm

      Hi Renee,

      Glad you enjoyed the novel. I am going to make an official announcement that will explain all the details soon. I am very excited about recent developments concerning the story. I can’t wait to share the news with everybody. 😀

      Dr. Reizer

    • NoFakeNews September 25, 2020 / 10:57 am

      Great stuff, SeeBee! This doctor has the right idea. I love the office sign she made.

      I think they have pulled this video, SeeBee!
      Dr. Reizer

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