Plandemic Novella Generating Reviews on Amazon and Goodreads

Dr. John Reizer

Hi everybody! September 7th was one of the most exciting days of my writing career. I was filled with emotion as PLANDEMIC made it to the top of the Amazon charts in three different categories.

I have been getting emails and messages from website visitors throughout the day, offering congratulations and letting me know that there are some negative reviews and low ratings of the book on Amazon and Goodreads.

First of all, I am aware of the fact that there are going to be negative reviews concerning the story. There are professional trolls targeting the book, and there are people who believe that the coronavirus is real and that I am certifiably insane with my hoax theory.

The negative reviews bother me, too. These books are like my kids, and when someone picks on them, I get angry. But this is the nature of the game we are playing, and there are people out there that don’t want this book or others like it to be read. This is why they create one-star ratings and negative reviews.

Help me by rating the book honestly and by writing reviews on Amazon. I have a feeling that PLANDEMIC is not going to be judged by the quality of the book’s writing. There are going to be five-star and one-star ratings and reviews with nothing in between.

Secondly, after today, the book transitions back into a for purchase book and will be associated with a completely different ranking system. So, there’s lots of work for me ahead. I have to figure out a way to keep the momentum going and growing.

What the readers and visitors to this website did over the weekend was nothing short of amazing, and I really do appreciate the support. I never expected to get to the number one spot on Amazon’s charts. I would have been thrilled to get on the top twenty-five.

Thank you again for supporting the publication and this website. You people are fantastic!



One thought on “Plandemic Novella Generating Reviews on Amazon and Goodreads

  1. tim September 8, 2020 / 3:14 am

    Congrats on the books Doctor. And anyone who does not like your books, are paid trolls doing what they were paid to do, sound like they have to take a crap and it’s coming out of their mouths, because that’s what they do, spread crap everywhere they go.
    Remember to remind yourself, my friend, everyday…you cannot control what people think,say, do, or feel. You can only control what you think, say, do, or feel. Control what you can, and leave the rest in the hands of God (Universe)
    There is a freedom and a peace that comes from knowing this simple fact of the universe. Let God, let go.

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