Behind the Mask

By Van Robison

Behind the mask of human beings the world over,  are very frightened people. They are scared because they watch and listen to the propaganda on the mainstream media. They believe that people are dying from a global virus. The vast majority of these face mask wearers have no critical thinking skills and never do independent research. They have not exposed themselves to medical doctors, scientists and professionals, that denounce COVID-19 as a worldwide scam.

Of course, face mask wearers are innocent human beings, that have been deceived. To believe that the World Health Organization, the Centers For Disease Control, the Vaccine industry, the National Center For Infectious Diseases, the Pharmaceutical Drug Industry, and many other “health” organizations have the “best interests” of the public at heart is extremely naive. You can be absolutely certain that money is the prime motivator behind every one of these “health” organizations.

What face mask wearers don’t know is that hospitals are being paid $13,000 to say that a patient tested positive for Covid-19 and $39,000 if a patient is put on a ventilator. Some sources say that the ventilators actually kill people. There is a great deal of corruption going on.

Television can easily show people dying, but is that not the fake business of Hollywood? Visuals are not proof necessarily of truth, because they can be staged.

The worldwide scam of wearing face masks is a Halloween horror story orchestrated by very sinister sources and in fact Frankenstein’s human monsters.

Now, the other MASK story. The real mask is the one the liars and instigators of Covid-19 have been hiding behind. These charlatans are among the evilest human beings on planet earth. They instigated Covid-19 for very sinister motives. They have lied to the public up one side and down the other.

Their obvious motive is to make trillions of dollars on deadly and toxic vaccines, all the while they feign public “safety.”  Have not human beings lived, existed, and thrived for thousands of years without these controlling medical institutions?