A Reader’s Experience At A US Post Office

By A NoFakeNews Reader

I went into a US Post Office, and there were twenty people in line, all wearing masks. I did not have one. A worker asked me why I had entered the premises without a face mask when I got closer to the service window. I told her she didn’t have the authority to question me about what to do with my body and for her to get the manager.

Then the manager tried to make me wear a mask, but I told him I have medical issues and can’t breathe with a mask on, and if I wear a mask, I could literally die from the lack of air.

He did not care and said I should at least put my shirt over my mouth. The rude worker, with hate in her eyes, threw my purchase (stamps) at me, along with my change, and it fell to the floor. I gave her a few choice words about her customer service and then yelled at the manager, telling him not to think for one second that he can order me “what to do” with my body.

That is crossing the line!

I re-explained my medical problem and said, “Any business that is not empathetic to those with medical issues and will not make an exception to the draconian rules being forced upon the people does not deserve my money.”

I pointed to the postal annex across the street and said, “I’ll spend my money there, instead,” and then insisted on them giving my money back for the stamps I bought that were lying on the floor along with my change.

The worker had to come around the “plastic germ shields” that were hanging between the postal workers and customers, and pick up the stamps and change. Then she gave me my money back, and I left the location.

I did this to set an example for those who were watching. Fortunately, I’m a big guy, so no one intervened on behalf of the staff. There were some apparent haters there, and I tried to look them in the eyes, to see if they had something they wanted to say to me, but they all quickly looked away. Brainwashed, sheeple, haters usually do that.

5 thoughts on “A Reader’s Experience At A US Post Office

  1. NoFakeNews July 5, 2020 / 9:38 am

    It takes strength and plenty of courage to stand up against the herd mentality. It’s one thing to write about doing something, and quite another thing to practice it in real-life scenarios like this reader did. Thank you for sharing your unfortunate experience with other readers, and for having the ability to stand up for your rights.

    Dr. Reizer

  2. Hillary July 5, 2020 / 10:16 pm

    What a discomfiting experience…
    Facing the opposition reminds me of school bullies.
    Now we have to gather all the resilience possible to face the hate.
    Yet we can also demonstrate that we are not feeling hatred ourselves.
    The locked up hardened hearts know no other way…they are the sad losers…not you

  3. Hillary July 5, 2020 / 10:17 pm

    What a frightening experience to be the object of hate by the crowd.
    Reminds me of school bullies.

  4. Hillary July 5, 2020 / 10:18 pm

    I thought I’d lost the post and had to rewrite it 🙂

    • NoFakeNews July 5, 2020 / 10:20 pm

      No worries! Thanks for your feedback! 🙂

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