Covid-19 And Plastic Shields

By Van Robison

Everywhere you go, you encounter clear plastic shields in stores that allegedly protect people from the spit and mouths of other people. Backtrack a bit before this insane madness descended upon humanity. There were no shields, no masks, no social distancing, and no fear-mongering. There was nothing to fear.

Life was pleasant and reasonable until the insane COVID – 19 was intentionally imposed upon the entire planet by a handful of demonic psychopaths. Their sinister motives are centered on unleashing a plethora of vaccines upon the world to satisfy their insatiable appetite to make trillions of dollars at the expense of the entire population.

Fear-mongering has crippled life on Earth and shut down society. Humans have been mentally scarred.

COVID – 19 is an act of treason against humanity and is fueled by massive lies and propaganda. It is not about a real virus or the well being of people. It is about profit for the diabolical vaccine industry.

If a universal coronavirus vaccine comes to fruition, there is no telling how many millions of people will suffer injuries and autism. Of course, the psychopaths running the scamdemic couldn’t care less because their only interest is money and control.