Twisted Logic: The Medical Mitigation of Covid-19 and other Viruses

By Dr. John Reizer

The world continues to be on lockdown, or in some locations functioning with incredibly awkward social distancing guidelines.

In my state of South Carolina, most everything has reopened. Inside restaurants,  patrons are being seated at tables that have been widely spaced apart. The servers and employees of these establishments are forced to wear masks and gloves.

I didn’t see many customers wearing these props. My wife and I walked through the city of Greenville, SC, yesterday, and there were humans enjoying life everywhere. I only saw a handful of people masked. It looked like a typical weekend. Children were playing in the parks, getting their feet wet in the Reedy River, and musicians playing instruments on the streets.

In other US states, draconian lockdown orders are still in place, and citizens remain in quarantine. The ridiculousness of the entire situation extends to every part of the globe, and people’s lives have been shaken, and in some instances, forever changed.

The Covid-19 world pandemic is a hoax! The screenplay/horror show is predicated on outright lies and health misconceptions that have been handed down to healthcare consumers worldwide for far too long.

The illogicality associated with the medical mitigation of Covid-19 and other viruses is a head-scratcher. The fact that modern allopathic medicine has gained the prestigious reputation it has over the years despite its lack of success in curing many diseases is mind-boggling.

When immunosuppressed individuals, and there are plenty of them in the United States due to so many people taking prescription medicines, get viral infections, they get the worst advice possible from medical doctors.

These poor bastards are drugged with every physiologically suppressive pharmaceutical product in existence. The medical procedures used to treat patients who are virally infected, block, and disrupt just about every process the human immune system can come up with to naturally defeat the microbial pests. The mitigation techniques are an all-out assault on human immunity. And this recipe of lousy advice is touted by officialdom as science-based medicine — the best healthcare system on the planet.

Whenever anyone has the strength and courage to speak out against the absurd viral mitigation procedures robotically performed on patients, they are labeled quacks by protectors of the medical paradigm. Healthcare practitioners who point out that the innate logic of human immunity is far superior to any modalities offered up by organized medicine are immediate targets for public ridicule.

Absurd medical mitigation procedures directed at treating bacterial and viral infections have been created and packaged by big pharma, then promoted as science.

Logical explanations about how humans and other animals naturally coexist with microorganisms in the environment have been marginalized by big pharma and promoted as pseudo-science.

And herein lies the problem and the reason why a fake viral pandemic can be successfully staged and executed across the world. People have sunk their teeth into the lie that organized medicine is an authoritative institution on health and wellness. It most certainly is not.

The frontmen and women working for the powers that be who have stood in the spotlight telling the world how to “flatten the curve” concerning Covid-19 don’t know their arses from their elbows when it comes to giving out health advice. They are clueless liars reading a script that’s been handed down by a world governing construct. And the information they are spewing should be disregarded as nonsense.

4 thoughts on “Twisted Logic: The Medical Mitigation of Covid-19 and other Viruses

  1. ppjg May 25, 2020 / 2:58 pm


  2. James May 26, 2020 / 9:44 pm

    Where i live there are mask wearing people in fear of the media’s/big brother’s lies everywhere you look in public places. I think conservatives should be alarmed with the things the president is doing.

    I think we should be watching closely Trump and his vaccination program Warpspeed. Donald Trump appointed Dr. Moncef Slaoui to head Operation Warp Speed, Slaoui is connected with the Gates foundation.

    In April 2019 when asked about measles out breaks and if supports the right to opt out of the M.M.R. vaccine, Trump said that Americans ‘have to get the shots’. The vaccinations are so important.” Trump supported mandatory vaccinations: “This is really going around now. They have to get their shots.” Trump said.

    The president has stated he is not currently planning to call for mandatory vaccinations of all Americans. But isn’t he much different than the typical politician don’t believe what he says just watch what he does – he is pushing Gates’ globalist agenda of mandatory vaccinations and digital ID. He hasn’t drained the swamp like he claims to be doing, but has instead, filled it with Deep State globalist operatives. If he continues this mandatory vaccination operation he will not get my vote. I will not be suprised if there is a fake coup coming around election time. What do you think, is the president working for the people or working again us? Remember pictures of Trump golfing with Bill Clinton before he ran for office? Is he just here to knock down the resistance of the liberty movement until the USA is turned over to United Nations control?

    • NoFakeNews May 26, 2020 / 10:08 pm

      I am definitely concerned about the new words spoken by the POTUS concerning mandatory vaccines. This is a man who only a short time ago was, for all intents and purposes, against vaccines. Now we are faced with Operation Warp Speed and his comments about mobilizing the military to help distribute the Covid-19 vaccine.

      I don’t care about Republicans, Democrats, or Independents. I only care about the people who are going to stand up against the powers that be running the false flag event currently taking place. I don’t see anyone from any political parties elected to a public office standing up and fighting for the American people!

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