Covid-19: Stop The Damn Testing!

By Dr. John Reizer

The US Government wants to drastically increase the number of people getting tested in America for COVID-19. There are millions of test kits being manufactured by companies to accommodate the requests of government officials and the CDC to get the entire country tested for the coronavirus.

I believe that testing should be stopped immediately. What are the benefits associated with testing hundreds of millions of people with lab test kits that are known to report false-positive results? The flawed test results don’t benefit the people getting tested. The only thing the mass testing of the American population will accomplish is to fraudulently pad the number of COVID-19 cases being reported. This is exactly what the CDC and WHO want.

The more case numbers recorded, the better it becomes for big pharma and the vaccine makers’ agenda. It’s important to understand that three essential components are fueling the fraud known as COVID-19:

1. Unreliable lab test results derived from test kits that are sensitive to other coronavirus strains present in the general population.

2. The intentional misreporting of other illnesses as COVID-19 cases by healthcare workers and other medical personnel.

3. The mainstream media’s constant coverage of the pandemic that is promoting fear-mongering and plenty of disinformation to the general population.

The coronavirus pandemic is a first-class psyop agenda that was designed to attain specific goals:

1. Disrupt the ebb and flow of society worldwide.

2. Destroy world economies.

3. Get as many people as possible on the vaccine train for COVID-19 and other intellectual properties owned by big pharma.

4. Create constant fear and anxiety in the general population.

If we removed today all the false-positive lab results, the ridiculous presumptive positive results, and the misreporting of other illnesses as Covid-19  cases, the coronavirus numbers would freefall back to earth statistically speaking. And the mainstream media would have nothing to report on concerning the disease.

Until people get a clue as to what is really going on with regard to the pandemic, things are going to remain bleak-looking, and we are not going to get back to the way the world was before the false flag was launched.

4 thoughts on “Covid-19: Stop The Damn Testing!

  1. Matt Edge April 20, 2020 / 11:50 pm

    This entire Covid-19 Hoax has been the propaganda equivalent of a nuke. There is no going back from this. The die is cast. The NWO has declared its war on humanity and they are going for broke.

    I could tell this hoax right from the beginning. This entire psyops follows the EXACT trajectory of Yuri Bezmenov’s breakdown of Communist subversion. Consumerist western living demoralized us. Now this hoax is being used to destabilize us. Next is the coming world economic crisis (the original target of this hoax), and at that point the world tyranny will reveal itself as they normalize the situation into the one world government.

    But nothing is certain. I don’t think the reds ever got a revolution for free. And they sure as hell don’t always win.

    • NoFakeNews April 21, 2020 / 8:21 am

      I think your thoughts about the psyop are accurate. They are definitely going for the jugular this time.

  2. Wanda Hutchinson April 22, 2020 / 6:32 pm

    The numbers never added up to the level of hysteria ginned up by the media. The tests don’t work. I am not sure if you ever had coronavirus – the common cold in the past if you wouldn’t have antibodies already showing up in these tests. They keep moving the goal posts, it appears to be a moving target. First vitamins C and D3 and zinc worked- now they don’t. The hydroxychlorquine worked for many people right away, saved lives and now they say it didn’t. I wonder if people are really starting to realize a hoax when they are faced with one. Why isn’t anyone bringing up the H1N1 virus and how that was – wasn’t handled in 2009-2010 – whatever happened to that virus? and why isn’t anyone worried about it? Ask what happened in Europe when they fast tracked the vaccine for H1N1 and how in the world did that vaccine not get shoved down our throats? People need to ask more questions and quit with the trust and get more verify!!!

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