Is there a God?

By Sazerca 7

Guest Writer for NoFakeNews

We demand that proof be shown for something as seemingly insignificant as UFO’s and spiritual psychics. Surely we should demand some documentation for what many think is the most important subject/question in the whole world; is there a God?

Millions pray everyday, wars are fought in God’s name, trillions have been donated to His causes throughout the ages. That last item alone would beg for some authentication otherwise some could say that a scam of unbelievable proportions (far surpassing even Bernie Madoff’s shenanigans) has been perpetuated against mankind for over 3 millennium. Wow! The Vatican would really have to cough up some serious bucks if found guilty of fraud!

So, is there any proof that God exists? If I were to pose this question to most theologians, I would imagine I’d hear a long speech about faith. We all know faith is just a concept. A concept probably invented by some long ago church council or who knows maybe an ancient gathering at the Vatican worrying about declining profits. I can almost hear them now. . .

-Cardinal #1: “What are we going to do with all those who ask questions that we have no answers for? Like, “where is heaven?, Why doesn’t God answer our prayers?, How can God allow children to be raped or murdered without doing something? How many angels dance on the head of a pin?”

-Cardinal #2: “”I know, I know!. . .We’ll create a new concept and call it. . . “faith”. . .Yeah, that’s it, . . faith. We’ll say that “faith” is the most holy state of being, where you are perfectly willing to believe in everything we tell them, no matter how ridiculous and impossible it sounds.”

-Cardinal #1:””””That’s brilliant! Then we can tell the blasphemers that if they don’t have this thing we call “faith”, they should feel guilty because they are immersed in sinful thoughts and lacking in what it takes to obtain “eternity” in the kingdom of heaven! That should keep them from asking questions that we can’t answer!”

All religions are able to exist only because of the concept of “faith.” The idea of gods grew out of fear and ignorance in early mankind so that he could feel he had a way of influencing the very dangerous world around him.

Shamans and witch doctors capitalized on that fear and ignorance and used it to gain status and power over their fellow neighbors. The shamans propagated this belief by saying they (the shamans) could act as an advocate or go-between for the tribe with the gods. And there is the beginning of religion.

Once the priest cult had the power, they were never going to let it go. From what I’ve read, the earliest mention of worshiping a single deity (monotheism) was when the Pharaoh Akhenaten (father of King Tut) created a religion based on worshiping a single god, marginalizing the traditionally accepted Egyptian religion of multiple gods revered by the Egyptian priest cult. Likely, the Hebrews brought a form of this religion out of Egypt during the Exodus and continued the worship of a single entity.

Christianity, Judaism, and Islam all grew out of this Egyptian concept of the “One God”. Now, Christians are told that Jesus was the human son of a god, who died and then came back to life and ascended to heaven! A statement like that begs for some kind of proof above and beyond “faith”. Consider the percentage of resources that societies throughout history have given to their spiritual leaders without a shred of true evidence that their god even exists. In ancient times, the priest/shaman resorted to theatrical and sometimes even mechanical devices to show their flocks that the deity was listening. Now-a-days, we are told to rely solely on “faith”!

2 thoughts on “Is there a God?

  1. ppjg May 26, 2019 / 9:46 am

    I have pondered these same thoughts. where is this God as we starve,poison, bomb and otherwise destroy others? Where is He when cancer strikes a small child? so many questions about why this being doesn’t show up to stop catastrophic events..(the holocaust? Inquisition? Mass starvation? genocide?) The apologetics for why prayers were never answered, things never changed, lives were never saved and why these things never changed is never ending.

    I keep hearing how prayer needs to be brought back into schools… for what purpose? WE teach our children how to conduct themselves….asking them to suspend rational and critical thinking in order to accept the preposterous, the impossible and the most unlikely of things and then teaching them that this God only shows up in his time…not yours…..makes no sense to me.

    Maybe you just need to give God more of your money….it seems He always needs more money..

  2. Michael Morris May 26, 2019 / 10:03 am

    Your post is spot on.

    Can you imagine getting a consultation from a surgeon for a new type of brain surgery that’s never been attempted before. The surgeon tells the patient he or she must have faith in order for the surgery to be successful. The patient naturally refuses the procedure because he or she needs something besides faith to put his or her life on the line.

    The same patient donates thousands of dollars to His church during a lifetime. The patient believes in His teachings and His writings because of the passages in a very old book that were ultimately created by men.

    The bible doesn’t prove the existence of God or Jesus Christ. The bible was written by men and does not contain the words of God; it contains the words of men who wanted to control the people of the world. It contains the words of men (secret societies) who desired to influence the masses and push them into a direction that would ultimately allow a few to control the majority.

    There’s absolutely no concrete proof whatsoever that any religions in existence are based on the truth. Every single religion is based solely on faith.

    Anytime someone is raped, murdered, robbed, cheated or harmed; priests, ministers and rabbis will tell parishioners that the circumstances occurred because of His will. He has a grand plan for all of us.

    God is supposed to be all loving. His love is especially apparent and visible in the unlimited wars and diseases He’s created. His love is always visible when He creates natural disasters that wipe out the lives of the people He loves.

    I have very little tolerance for stupid people. But I have tolerated the ignorant my entire life. I have tolerated laws that have been written into existence by stupid people that created and voted for bills that were based on their beliefs in His writings;His teachings;His rules.

    People have been waiting for Jesus Christ to come back to them for over two thousand years. He’s not coming folks! He was and always has been the personification of a very complex astrological story.

    According to the Catholic church (an organization that has more money than God) they still need donations. Why does God always need money?

    Religious followers (Christians) fight for the pro life movement yet they support endless wars that allow for the murder of countless innocent people that are also loved by God.

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