Orthodox Jews Stand With Omar


By Gina Flores

To criticize the Zionist Israeli Government, AIPAC or the many other pro Israel lobby groups that promote Zionism and exert tremendous influence on the United States Government is not a form of anti Semitism. It is instead a form of anti Zionism which is a completely different thing altogether.

There are many people worldwide that absolutely oppose the atrocities the Israeli government have committed against the Palestinian people and the Jewish community that are also opposed to the Zionist movement.

The fact that a member of Congress has been publicly condemned by her colleagues for bringing to light the truth about this situation speaks volumes about just how much control AIPAC and other Zionist lobbying groups have over our US Government.

The control the Israeli Government has over Congress is a much more serious issue than the fabricated news about Russia’s supposed meddling in the last American election between Hillary Clinton and current President, Donald Trump.

Most of us can recognize the dangerous influence the pharmaceutical lobbyists have over Congress. Some of us can even comprehend the serious problems big telecom lobbyists have created through their powerful control over Congress. It puts all Americans in danger because it’s almost impossible to stay healthy with so many toxic drugs and electronic devices being shoved down our collective throat. The same problems are currently present with regards to Israel, their lobbyists and Congress.

It should not be the business of the United States Government to do what’s best for Zionism or the Zionist Israeli government. The United States should be focused on doing what’s best for America and its citizens. And please Mr. Trump, stop calling the people in your government anti Semitic just because they have the strength and courage to point out the obvious.


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One thought on “Orthodox Jews Stand With Omar

  1. Dr. John Reizer March 7, 2019 / 10:48 am

    I think it is quite ingenious how the pro Israel lobbying campaigns have changed the definition of anti Semitism from what it once was to what it has become in today’s world.

    In my opinion, an anti Semitic viewpoint, with regards to Jews, would be one that is in systematic opposition to the actual Jewish religion, its beliefs and practices. People or groups that have agendas to discriminate against the Jewish religion for no other reason other than they dislike or hate the religion would be guilty of being anti Semitic.

    Being critical of AIPAC or other organizations with the same lobbying goals (promoting Zionism and making its influence on Congress dangerous to our country’s best interests) is not a form of anti Semitism.

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