Internet Trolls Attack Anyone Resisting the Vaccine Party Line Part #1

Internet trolls are absolutely used by the powers that be to protect and maintain various false paradigms that have been established and forced upon society by the same power structure. Anti vaccine comments or anything else that are in opposition to organized medicine and their suppressive drug therapies would be fair game and targeted by professional trolls employed by Big Pharma.

The PPJ Gazette

By Guest Columnist Marco Caceres di Iorio: Honduran Human Rights Activist and Editor of the online newspaper Honduras Weekly (1436 words)

Here’s how it usually goes: You say you have some doubts about vaccine safety and all those vaccinations the government requires you to give your kids. You say you’re concerned about serious side-effects you keep reading about, and particularly potential links to autism and autoimmune disorders, and the reports of encephalitis and shock. A typical response from mainstream proponents of vaccines would proceed like this…

“Oh, you’re being silly, you don’t know the science. Look, 99.9% of all doctors and scientists will tell you that vaccines are safe and effective. The science is solid, it’s long been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt.”

Ninety-nine point nine percent. That sounds pretty convincing. Of course, it’s unclear what formula, study or survey was used to come up with that…

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