Are You Familiar with The “Mandela Effect”?

By Gina Flores

Editor at NoFakeNews

A lot of people have been writing to me and asking about the “Mandela Effect”. They want to know if this has anything to do with time altering technology. I decided to confer with my colleague and business partner who has a better understanding about this particular subject than I do. This is what Dr. Reizer had to say:

“The ‘Mandela Effect’ is a phenomenon that supposedly affects the way many people perceive the past. In other words, a person or a large segment of the population might remember the name of a well known product as being different than it is today. Or people might remember that a celebrity died many years ago and yet the celebrity, in fact, is still alive. In some instances people remember the outcomes to certain sporting events being different than what they are in today’s record books.

“A lot of people have pointed to the cartoon and fictional books, ‘The Berenstain Bears’ as a good example of the ‘Mandela Effect’. Many people, evidently remember the ‘Berenstain Bears’ as being ‘The Berenstein Bears.’  This series of books and cartoons were authored by Stan and Jan Berenstain and yet many people remember the authors’ name and characters as being spelled Berenstein. I have included an interesting video below that discusses this controversy in greater detail.

“The ‘Mandela Effect’ received its name because a lot of people seem to remember that Nelson Mandela died in a prison in the early 1970’s instead of the date he really died in 2013.

“The ‘Mandela Effect’ could possibly be tied to the time altering technology we have been writing about on this website for several months. The powers that be have the technology to alter parallel timelines that influence the timeline we currently recognize and embrace as reality.

“This subject possibly has to do with the ‘Significant Event’ we are currently tracking and believe has a chance to occur on 11/11/17.” – John Reizer

So there you have it. The “Mandela Effect” might be a real phenomenon and it might be connected with time altering technology. I had never heard about this prior to people writing in about it. But this seems very similar to what our two sources explained to us earlier this fall.

What do you think?

5 thoughts on “Are You Familiar with The “Mandela Effect”?

  1. Thanks for writing, Donna. No doubt in our minds about alternate frequencies/realities existing.

    This is how the elite are able to influence and control things to their preference.

    You have no idea how strange the world really is when viewed from the perspective that most people are viewing.

  2. I’m a Big Bang Theory believer that’s why I agree that alternate realities exist. Isn’t it cool to think that there are other versions of “us” in other universes? If you have the time you can check my post about Parallel Universes.

  3. The original mandela effect site has diversified and many topics explore the possibility of esoteric physics like time travel and quantum zeno effect,’Dawn’ a 1947 story by Leslie Charteris is a detailed topic in the site discussing veridical incidents of quirky physics.

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