AMA Endorses the Elimination of Religious Exemptions Regarding Vaccinations

By Dr. John L Reizer

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According to an article in the publication, Newsweek, the AMA (American Medical Association) has recently endorsed a new policy that has the goal of eliminating religious exemptions regarding vaccinations for healthcare consumers in the United States. Although the AMA is not a government agency that can write actual laws, it has tremendous influence and lobbying power over state and other legislative bodies that ultimately determine healthcare laws in America.

This is a very aggressive policy change by the AMA that could spell the end of healthcare consumers’ rights to choose if and when they submit to a particular vaccine at a given time during their lives.

Currently, many states have laws that allow citizens to choose whether or not they receive medical vaccines. Religious and philosophical exemptions are regularly used by anti-vaccine groups in order to opt out of the regularly published vaccine guidelines that are followed by the large majority of people throughout the country.

Most recently, a measles outbreak originating in California in the Disneyland Park has been promoted ad nauseum by the corporately owned mainstream media. It has reached the point of becoming a witch hunt on many news programs as people have been featured on television calling out parents that have chosen not to vaccinate their children for fear of what these potentially harmful drugs might do to their children. All of this rubbish came about because less than 200 people in the entire United States were infected by measles in 2014. The Measles outbreak in Disneyland has been cited by the AMA as one of the reasons they have revised their policy and want to bring an end to religious exemptions regarding vaccinations.

Some health care experts believe that vaccines are very dangerous drugs and make people weaker, sicker, and more vulnerable to diseases they would otherwise not have to contend with. Some doctors also believe that these medicines do not create immunity and that the vaccine ingredients are toxic beyond belief and bad for all human beings.

In 1998, the prestigious medical journal, The Lancet, published a controversial paper that linked MMR vaccinations to Autism. The MMR vaccine is a preventive, medicinal concoction against Measles, Mumps, and Rubella.

According to mainstream health sources, The Lancet article caused a major panic in the minds of parents in both Britain and the United States. Because of the study, many parents chose not to vaccinate their children and opted for safer measures to maintain the health and well being of younger family members. (1)

An independent investigative journalist, Brian Deer, determined that the author of the famous article, Andrew Wakefield, M.D., had manipulated evidence in his study and had also broken several ethical standards within the field of research. As a result of Deer’s investigation, Wakefield’s study was retracted by The Lancet in 2010. Dr. Wakefield was later reprimanded by the medical profession and stripped of his license to practice medicine. (2)

The news about the Wakefield Study being retracted was given worldwide exposure by the corporately, owned mainstream media. In fact, anytime a person attempts to type anything relating to vaccines and Autism into an Internet search engine, the results are littered with references about the now famous retraction of the Wakefield study.

Since the retraction of the study, many health care professionals have indicated that the Wakefield article was singled out and crushed by representatives of Big Pharma in order to protect the vaccine industry. Obviously, a lot of money was at stake in the way of potential lawsuits against vaccine makers, as well as the British and United States governments. Enough said!

Regardless of a person’s feelings about the benefits or dangers associated with vaccinations, it is the opinion of this writer that every human being should have the right to choose if he or she wants to be exposed to a particular medicine.

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One thought on “AMA Endorses the Elimination of Religious Exemptions Regarding Vaccinations

  1. Gregory June 19, 2015 / 10:14 am

    Autism was proven to be linked to vaccines by a scientific research study until the powerful drug companies had the research and results thrown out.

    Many people today realize that vaccines are not the answer to keeping people healthy. In fact, they are probably making people ill.

    Scientific research is happening all the time but a lot of the studies are being funded by drug companies and studies that would prove vaccines are dangerous don’t make it in the professional journals.

    Religious and philosophical exemptions are important because it gives every person that has a desire to opt out of dangerous vaccination programs a chance to do that.

    Great post!


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