Traditional Chiropractic vs. Traditional Medicine

By Dr. John L. Reizer

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reizer3Traditional chiropractic and medicine have different professional objectives. The profession of chiropractic has the ultimate goal of maintaining a person’s health by removing a type of interference to the nervous system which inhibits the true expression of health in all human beings (vertebral subluxations).

The profession of medicine attempts to cure various diseases that are affecting the body by prescribing certain medications that reverse or oppose physiological processes occurring in the body and also through the application of surgical procedures which attempt to remove or repair compromised human tissues.

Traditional chiropractic has a vitalistic philosophy which adheres to the premise that health comes from within the body or from the inside out. This philosophy acknowledges the fact that all human beings have inherent abilities to maintain their own healthy existence and that a disruption of health is caused internally. Traditional chiropractic states that if health is lost from within the body it must logically be restored from the inside out.

Medicine has a different philosophy that claims that the human body is weak and must constantly have its health maintained from the outside in. According to modern medicine, a human being must have an assortment of vaccines and other preventive medicinal compounds in order to build up the immune system.

In summary, traditional chiropractic works with the controlling laws of nature and physiology while organized medicine (allopathy) attempts to go against the controlling laws of nature and physiology.

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