Debunking the Debunkers!

By Dr. John Reizer

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Throughout the Medical Establishment’s long history of trying to damage the credibility of the chiropractic profession, debunking agents or so called “experts” have been hired by the “powers that be” to make chiropractic and its practitioners appear to look like quacks. The agents have given interviews, written books, constructed websites, and participated in other campaigns that directly reached healthcare consumers and helped to create false perceptions, for people, about chiropractic.

The funding of these campaigns has come from giant petrochemical corporations. It is very difficult to point fingers and name names because, obviously, paid shills are not going to admit to the fact that they’re on the payroll of a specific company, working to undermine or destroy chiropractic. It’s important to understand that chiropractic is not the only alternative healthcare profession that has been attacked.

Debunking agents are presently used everyday and in many different ways. Pretty much anything that challenges the accepted norms of what society perceives as being reality would be considered fair-game by these people.  For example, if a large minority of the population began to suddenly question the authenticity of something that was being reported by the government or the mainstream media, debunking agents, employed by the powers that be, are always ready to spring into action. These  individuals, through the implementation of strategic campaigns, can absolutely minimize the damage being caused by the controversial voice within the population base. The agents can make sure that the majority of the population continues to perceive reality the way that the government or media originally intended. For the purpose of this article, I’ll only discuss this topic as it pertains to healthcare and more specifically, chiropractic.

Giant petrochemical companies have a lot at stake in this very lucrative game. In order for these companies to remain profitable and powerful in the future, society must continue to believe in certain erroneous concepts. Petrochemical companies have many assets besides pharmaceutical companies. The drug industry is not their only concern, but it remains a very important part of their power base.

Alternative healthcare has always been a threat to the Medical Establishment. Because of this, it has been an important goal of traditional medicine to employ scientists and other professionals that could appear credible when attempting to write or convey damaging remarks about a particular modality or profession within the framework of alternative healthcare.

Quite a few websites have been designed to make potential viewers wary of chiropractic and other alternative healthcare services. It becomes easy to spot the disingenuous web addresses once you know what you’re looking for. The paid shills, writing for “Big Pharma,” usually copy and repeat the same misinformation on different web locations. Their posts are commonly read on many blogs where alternative health related concepts have been published and are threatening mainstream dogma.

The oldest trick in the book (and all the chiropractic debunkers use this tactic) is to claim traditional chiropractic (vertebral subluxation correction) has not undergone scientific, double blind studies and is therefore not a valid healthcare science.

To begin to understand how totally flawed double-blind studies are, when applied to the traditional chiropractic model, you have to first understand what these tests are actually trying to accomplish. Double blind studies have been designed to test the effectiveness of different drugs on patients. What the double blind studies are really testing is the effectiveness of a drug’s ability to cover up or block symptoms in the human body.

As I have previously explained in many of the books and articles I have authored; symptoms are not caused by a disease process but rather by the body’s immune system in an attempt to disable a disease process. An example of this is the body’s expression of a common fever. The fever that takes place during a bacterial or viral infection is attempting to destroy the microbe making the person ill. The double-blind study is, actually, measuring how effective a certain drug is in preventing the body from working as it should. If we used, for example, the fever scenario in a double-blind study, we would have to administer samples of medications to several patients that had fevers. Both the patients and the persons administering the drugs would be blind to which samples were the fever reducing drugs and which samples were sugar pills or placebos. The study would examine how effective certain samples were in reducing fever—the desired effect coming from the drug.

While double blind studies might be useful when it comes to measuring how well drugs are harming the overall health of an individual, they are a totally unreliable ruler when used to measure the effectiveness of a chiropractic adjustment being administered to a patient for the purpose of correcting a vertebral subluxation that is choking off the nervous system’s ability to express health in a human being!

Traditional straight chiropractic has nothing to do with addressing or blocking symptoms. Traditional chiropractic seeks to eliminate the cause of a serious problem by removing a major interference from the nervous system. This translates into a very beneficial result for the person involved however, the results would be impossible to measure through a double blind study. The double-blind study could never be applied to the traditional chiropractic model because these studies are only valuable when measuring changes in symptoms. Unfortunately, that’s what most of traditional medicine is about. It has the objective of covering up certain effects associated with health conditions and never addresses the causes.

By virtue of the double-blind study, science has already proven that medicine, and the drugs it utilizes, is most effective in blocking the body’s natural abilities to fight off diseases. This is why traditional medicine has never cured one single disease!

Once you eliminate the double blind study argument, the skeptics/shills writing the propaganda on various websites begin to point out that chiropractic should be classified as a pseudoscience because the profession’s practitioners have dangerous ideas about conventional medical theories. On this point I would definitely agree with the debunkers. Many chiropractic practitioners have routinely pointed out a lot of large holes in the Medical Establishment’s protocols for the management of various diseases. This is a dangerous scenario for the medical profession.

Some dangerous chiropractic ideas, according to the debunkers, that I can think of right off the top of my head are anti-vaccination and anti-fluoridation campaigns. Chiropractors have had lots to say about the dangers associated with vaccines and water fluoridation. Both of these practices are very controversial and can, in the opinions of many healthcare professionals worldwide, cause irreparable damage to the human immune system.

My advice to prospective patients that stumble upon anti-chiropractic websites, and other related literature, is to realize that this type of content is being purposely placed in the public domain, by the Medical Establishment, to make healthcare consumers believe that chiropractic and many forms of alternative healthcare are based on pseudo-scientific principles.

Chiropractic is a fully licensed form of healthcare in all fifty states. Government agencies wouldn’t license healthcare professionals if their professional objectives were based on unscientific principles!

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  1. Edwina Reizer February 22, 2013 / 10:29 am

    Boy if the world of consumers could just consume what is the best for them , they would try to get along without all these God awful drugs and get under chiropractic care. Alas most people just want a quick fix. But there is no quick fix without terrible side-effects. Good article Dr, Reizer, Mom

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