Wayfair Human Trafficking Story Eerily Absent From Mainstream Media

By Dr. John Reizer

The Wayfair human trafficking story made for a huge topic of conversation across America on July 10, 2020. Then it was followed by the usual debunking procedures set forth by the American mainstream media companies. As they are so cleverly adept at doing, the world governing construct’s most valuable asset in maintaining control over the masses, went to work writing and publishing articles about how the Wayfair story was founded on a ridiculous conspiracy theory.

Within hours, virtually every search engine connected to the Internet had the tops of their pages populated with strategically placed articles that marginalized the idea that Wayfair was involved in human trafficking.

Presently, the Wayfair storyline is eerily absent from the mainstream media’s cycle of news stories. I am getting reports from readers that the topic is still being discussed on social media platforms, but that seems to be the extent of the conversation.

According to officialdom, it’s time for the general public to move on from the nasty Wayfair conspiracy theory and concentrate on more important things like, who’s going to be lucky enough to be the first Americans to receive the life-saving Covid-19 vaccine that’s coming to a community near you.

It has been my experience when researching stories like the Wayfair conspiracy, that the more debunking articles and headlines that surface, the higher the likelihood the story had some merit. The fact that mainstream news corporations have worked in concert, swallowing the narrative as fast as they have, speaks volumes about the can of worms the powers that be are hiding.

I have been reading over the different news articles that have been written and positioned on search engine sites. If you search for Wayfair Human Trafficking, this is what comes up:

Fact Check: No Evidence Linking Wayfair to Human Trafficking Operation

Wayfair rejects human trafficking conspiracy theory: ‘There is, of course, no truth to these claims’

Wayfair Human Trafficking Conspiracy, Explained

Wayfair Conspiracy Theory Trending on Social Media Explained

And the list of articles goes on and on for many pages. The odd thing about this unfortunate situation is that if you read the headlines in the mainstream media, you might think that the conspiracy has been debunked by fact-checkers, and there’s nothing more to investigate. But the truth of the matter is that when you read all of these mainstream articles, they all parrot the same nonsense that the Wayfair company put out in its initial statements.

The articles all explain how the alleged wrongdoing is the product of a ridiculous conspiracy theory. Still, there is nothing within the content of the reports that disprove the alleged conspiracy. In fact, if you go on the evidence that’s been presented to date, the information would lead an intelligent, objective individual to believe there is a lot more to this story than what we are being told.

Human trafficking, sex slavery, and pedophilia are three related subjects that the controlling powers are always fast to shutdown. They’ll sanitize and remove these stories from public view faster than almost any other topic because of the sheer amount of high profile elites connected to these egregious crimes against humanity.

Listen to the silence everybody because it usually speaks loudly about the veracity of such conspiracy claims.