Henry Kissinger, Master of Deceit

By Ashley Hayes

Lately, I’ve spent some time reading about and watching documentaries on the Vietnam War and Henry Kissinger.

My focus on Kissinger came from the realization that he is the one common thread running through all the major atrocities in our lifetime, from the 1950s on, that have destroyed the lives of millions in the interests of his corporate buddies, the decades of endless propaganda, and the subtle chipping away of our rights as American citizens, with the goal of enslaving the majority of humanity while a select few run the human show.

As a Boy Friday of the Rockefellers, his role has been to steer America, the country who welcomed him and his family, to its very destruction. And I am convinced that had this evil, lying psychopath never set foot in America, we would not be facing the very real, grim possibility of an international law that stands to not only remove our human rights but our human dignity, as well.

Chris Hitchens’ documentary, The Trials of Henry Kissinger, reminds us that, despite Lyndon Johnson’s having created a peace agreement amenable to North Vietnam in 1968, Kissinger secretly convinced them to hold off on signing it so that Nixon could get credit for ending the war — which he did, though they would needlessly continue it another four years, unconcerned with the millions of innocent civilians who would die, much less the 55,000 US soldiers.

We learn that Kissinger and Nixon lied to Congress and secretly diverted bombers from Vietnam to Chile, at the direction of their corporate friends at IT&T and Pepsi, to kill the democratically-elected Salvador Allende because he was planning to nationalize their copper resources, something IT&T and Pepsi insisted couldn’t happen, as they felt they should be the ones with exclusive access to it.

They arranged with the CIA for the kidnapping of commander-in-chief of the Chilean Army, Rene’ Schneider, as they believed he would stand in the way of their coup against Allende. Schneider ended up being murdered, as did Allende a few years later (though it was listed as a suicide). Again, this was without the knowledge of Congress and all for corporate interests.

We also learn from the Hitchens documentary that Kissinger loved the limelight, loved attention, knew he could control the narrative in America, wanted the public to consider him a “swinger,” and was excellent at lying without blinking.

What is not mentioned in this documentary is the fact that while Kissinger was directing mass murder in various parts of the world, and partying with celebrities, he was also actively participating in the torture and mind control of other innocent citizens, namely Brice Taylor.

It was around 1953 that two-year-old Brice, sold to the US Government by her family, began getting phone calls from Kissinger; calls that intentionally triggered her alters that had been created through torture at home, as well as in CIA experiments. From then on, Brice was used as a presidential sex slave, as well as a traveling personal mind-file/computer for Kissinger.

She was programmed to, among other things, have a photographic memory and Kissinger would use her at meetings to provide information most would keep in a folder.

While Brice states Bob Hope was her actual “owner,” having purchased her at a nude fashion show as a child, Kissinger was her programmer and controller, as well as her “john.”

Stop and think about that for a minute.

You have an individual at the highest levels of government, who personally affects our foreign policy, sitting at the right hand of multiple presidents, participating in interviews as a well-respected mind, who concurrently has his own slave whom he controls through mind control.

Imagine the arrogance, lack of conscience, and narcissism one would have to possess to be able to do such a thing — to intentionally torture an innocent human being, to take her mind, to prostitute her out for political purposes, to take her from her life so that she could be used and abused without her consent. This, of course, makes Henry Kissinger a human trafficker.

One undeniable truth I have discovered about Kissinger is that he believes the public is stupid.  And why wouldn’t he believe this?  Historically, we have fallen for his lies over and over again.  He is so great at “spin” that we even awarded this shameless non-human the Nobel Peace Prize after Vietnam!  (A co-winner of the prize was North Vietnam’s Le Duc Tho.  Tho, however, rightfully refused the award.)

Le Duc Tho & Henry Kissinger

Continuing the lies to present day, and proving he views most of us as idiots, my jaw dropped as I read the opening of a book he’d co-written and published in 2021 with Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google, The Age of AI and Our Human Future:  “Five years ago, the subject of artificial intelligence (AI) appeared on the agenda of a conference.  One of us was on the verge of missing the session, assuming it would be a technical discussion beyond the scope of his usual concerns.  Another urged him to reconsider, explaining that AI would soon affect nearly every field of human endeavor. . . . So we set out together, with the advice and cooperation of acquaintances in technology, history, and the humanities, to conduct a series of dialogues about it.”

Eric Schmidt

“[A]ssuming it would be a technical discussion beyond the scope of his usual concerns . . .”  Really?! We are to believe that Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google who has gone on to chair the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence and has actually helped get laws passed related to AI was headed elsewhere at this conference and, almost as a curious afterthought decided to pop in on the session concerning AI to see what it was all about?  That’s ridiculous.  And insulting.  For at that time, Schmidt was already on the Department of Defense’s Innovation Board.  Two years later, Congress would ask him to chair the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence.  (That must”ve been some conference!)

In fact, Eric Schmidt has long been connected to the federal government.  He stated: “My graduate work in computer science in the 1970s and ’80s was funded in part by the National Science Foundation and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.”

In October 2021, Schmidt announced the launch of a Special Competitive Studies Project (SCSP), a national initiative to recommend ways to strengthen U.S. capabilities in artificial intelligence (AI) and other emerging technologies.

SCSP — funded solely by Schmidt and his wife, Wendy — said that it derives from NSCAI and the Rockefeller Special Studies Project (SSP), launched in 1956 by Nelson Rockefeller and led by Henry Kissinger.

“We are at a similar historical moment today,” Kissinger said in an Oct. 5 [2021] statement by SCSP. “We need deep analysis and urgent action or our destiny will be shaped for us.” He states this, assuming most people don’t know he has long served as one our most prolific destiny-shapers. He assumes most don’t know he has long served as a mentor to the World Economic Forum’s equally evil mastermind, Klaus Schwab, who also absolutely desires to shape our destiny.

In fact, it has been reported that the WEF’s Young Global Leaders program — in which Kissinger has played a key role — is almost an exact replica of Kissinger’s International Seminar that was originally run out of Harvard and was funded by the CIA.

It seems to me the only deep analysis needed here is of the hydra that comprises the minds of these men, from politicians to technocrats to defense contractors to synthetic biologists, who long ago deemed themselves gods over the rest of us; the head of that hydra being one Henry Kissinger.

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Ashley Hayes is a former business entrepreneur, patented inventor, researcher, and writer seeking to bring attention to the clearly-organized crimes of unlawful and corrupt law enforcement and fusion center personnel against innocent Americans and citizens worldwide, as well as crimes committed by military contractors via 21st century technology, and to the pandemic of child trafficking by those in power.


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