Simon (Dr. Fauci) Says Put On Your Masks, America!

By Dr. John Reizer

Do you remember growing up playing the game, Simon Says? The contest begins with a group of players that are the listeners (the American public) and a person who calls out all the instructions (Simon/Dr. Anthony Fauci). The caller (Dr. Fauci) yells out various commands or instructions. They are usually physical actions like stand six-feet apart, cough in the bend of your elbow, wear your facemask, wash your hands, stay in your house, don’t go to work, get a flu shot, be afraid of germs, use hand sanitizer, etc.

If you happen to use your brain and think for yourself without being commanded to do so by Simon (Dr. Fauci), you are penalized. The penalty, for example, could be staying in your home for two weeks under quarantine. Maybe a few months from now, the penalty might be something more severe such as having to get a vaccine and a vaccine compliance certificate so you can go to work or travel on an airplane to go on a vacation.

The entire time this fake viral pandemic has been terrorizing the world community, Dr. Fauci has had American citizens playing a giant game of Fauci Says. Americans have become hypnotized by this physician, a person that some people have accused of wrongdoing and being a frontman for the CDC. One person made a pretty incriminating movie about some of Fauci’s wrongdoings, and they did so without asking his permission.

Dr. Fauci says to remove the incriminating video and flood the Internet search results with character assassinating articles that will totally discredit the person who didn’t obey him. And the Internet gods immediately complied with Fauci’s request or the request of the influential people that control this medical personality and fully support his agenda.

When will Dr. Fauci finally give the command for America to go back to normal? After a new Covid-19 vaccine is rolled out for the entire US population?

Take your masks off, America!

Uh-Oh, Dr. Fauci didn’t say so. That’s two more weeks of quarantine for everybody in the USA.