Words are Spells!

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By Lisa Hakes

I have been intrigued with this topic since I saw an article stating that spelling words are spell casting. Although when I had relished the subject of spelling in elementary school, I had not seen the connection. However, I didn’t think of the world as the demonic place that it was back at that time. Witches and spells were something I only thought about at Halloween. However, I have since learned that our world is full of spells that come right to us on our beloved tell-a-visions. And more!



“This is why they call writing spelling.

Multiple pages of spelling words are called scripts.

Scripts are played out in movies.

And on Television shows.

They are telling a vision to you.

And they are showing you that vision.

That’s why it’s called a TV show.

And the performing arts that are broadcast are witchcraft.

Witch means broadly casting a spell.

The actions are called the casting crew.

And then they call the show a program.

Because they programmed people’s minds.

The program is on a channel.

Because they are channeling spirits.

Notice how your TV and phone are black mirrors.

Witches use black mirrors to channel spirits.

The news that is on Television 

Whatever new vision they want to tell you and broadcast to you.

And broadcast to you to program you.


C- 3

O- 15

R- 18

O- 15

N – 14

A – 1

Equals 66 and

6 letters = 666

Movies and shows come from Hollywood.

Hollywood is also where magic wands come from. 

Hollywood is in Los Angeles

The city of lost angels.”

Be Careful What Words You Use When You Speak


Lisa Hakes is the author of Subtle Sabotage — a candid portrait of alcoholism and autism for readers who appreciate down-to-earth authors who aren’t afraid to tell the whole story.


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