Are All Forms of Schizophrenia Mental Disorders?

By NoFakeNews

Have you ever driven a car with the radio playing and all of a sudden another radio station starts competing with the one you’re listening to? Sometimes you can hear two different broadcasts at the same time.

In this situation, the radio signals coming from another transmission are bleeding through the radio instrument and you hear two different stations (realities) when you should only be tuned into and hearing one.

We all realize that there are a plethora of radio signals bouncing around us at any given time. Only because of radio receivers can we tap into those signals in the first place, and their associated programming content. If a signal from another station somehow comes through our car radio, we can logically and scientifically explain the situation. We don’t feel the need to medicate ourselves in fear of the idea that we might have suddenly become schizophrenic.

Is it possible for different dimensional constructs (frequencies) to exist simultaneously? Could other dimensional parameters of existence, containing expressive life forms, be quite abundant? Is it also possible human beings can only perceive a limited number of universal frequencies (dimensional constructs) because a tuning mechanism (radio tuner) in the human brain has been strategically designed to filter out other dimensional platforms allowing most people to only perceive one reality at a time?

Is it also possible that certain forms of schizophrenia (mental illness) might be directly tied to the fact that there are other reality constructs that certain individuals have access to?

I am not suggesting all forms of schizophrenia are due to people tapping into alternate dimensions, but I do believe it’s quite plausible that some of these cases could be attributed to this phenomena.

There are many scientists that believe different dimensional constructs exist. This idea has been gaining popularity through the years. If this is true, many people we assume are mentally ill, might not be. They might just be listening to two different realities at the same time.

What do you think about this subject?

Are We Really Living In A Solid World?

By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at


Reach out and touch that chair, door, fireplace or some other physical object. Is it real? Is it a part of reality or a cleverly crafted illusion made up of tiny, invisible and very hollow particles?

You don’t have to be a mathematician to understand the theories associated with quantum physics. Such theories claim that everything in the universe is made up of smaller parts. The smaller parts are always moving about in all directions at incredible rates of speed. That’s right! The solid objects that make up our world are all made from millions and millions of tiny subatomic particles.

Some quantum physicists have discovered that the tiny particles, which are moving at tremendous speeds, are really hollow. The way the physicists have explained the theory is by stating that the subatomic particles fluctuate, back and forth, between being a solid particle and a wave length. At any given time, the solidness of a particle can change to a non solidified wave form and vice versa. Some scientists have theorized that the DNA of human beings, and other life forms on the planet, has a dual purpose. Their theory is that DNA not only acts as a blue print for building the physical beings that walk the planet, but also as a receiving antenna.

If you look at the structure of DNA, it can be likened to a radio receiver. It has a big double helix swirl to it, like an antenna, and some researchers believe it’s really a gigantic radio tuner. The theory that has been hypothesized alludes to the idea that the DNA has been designed to receive certain frequencies. When it receives those frequencies, in the proper range, it turns the wave forms into the more solidified particles, and that in turn allows the hollow particles to form the very solid objects that make up our world.

A good way to understand this theory is by thinking about the process of listening to a radio. When we’re listening to a particular station on the radio, we realize that many other stations are also broadcasting at the same time. Just because we can’t hear the other productions doesn’t mean they’re not simultaneously transmitting their stations’ signals. A radio instrument allows us to tune into various radio frequencies. When we slide the radio tuner in different directions, it allows us to access different stations. Depending on which way we move the tuner, a different signal is picked up and another station can be accessed. The radio analogy I am describing is kind of similar to what quantum physicists believe happens when the subatomic particles interact with human DNA.

What a human being might actually perceive as reality could actually be a wide range of frequency fields, or wave lengths. Perhaps the energy patterns are picked up and read by the DNA and then transformed into the virtual reality world that you and I perceive as being a solid world (reality).

Depending on the construct of our DNA, and the frequencies it can or cannot receive, our perceptions of reality could possibly be quite limited. Perhaps there are many alternate realities (frequencies) in existence that human and animal DNA cannot access. Perhaps we are all here to experience an illusory world that has been designed to look and feel real but is nothing more than a very sophisticated video game designed by some amazing, universal intelligence.