2020 – The Year Stolen From Society By A Fake Coronavirus

By Dr. John Reizer

In the future, when we look back at 2020, we’ll remember it as the year that was stolen from everybody by the powers that be. Using a fake viral pandemic to usher in more draconian laws that will open the door for new toxic drugs and vaccines to be introduced to humanity, the few that control the many have amazingly pulled off the most significant medical hoax ever on citizenry worldwide. And you can be sure that they’re sitting back laughing about it.

Our owners have the general population in every sovereign country right where they want them — running scared and hiding from an imaginary virus that supposedly can cause mass destruction. In the new world, people will regularly be scurrying to avoid microbes that cause mass destruction. Sound familiar?

You don’t get an unlimited number of years on this planet, and we have all been robbed of one of them and the many wonderful life experiences that occur over twelve months. And why have we all had to sacrifice an entire year of our lives? So that the medical-industrial complex can tighten its control and exert more influence on healthcare consumers.

I am astonished that the vast majority of people in the world haven’t figured out what’s happening to them. They’re still hiding, practicing safe social distancing, and extremely scared of an invisible microbe that refuses to go away even though the entire world has been locked down for months. Keep in mind, there’s no international travel taking place. Domestic travel in the United States is virtually nonexistent, and everything is closed tighter than a sealed drum. And despite all the crazy self-isolation and other precautionary measures being taken, Covid-19 case numbers continue to rise.

If you believe the narrative that a virus is on the loose, terrorizing the world, it’s pretty damn apparent by now that social distancing and staying in quarantine are not disease mitigation techniques that are effective in slowing the coronavirus. It’s been said by more than a few people that the definition of insanity is to keep doing the same things over and over again that don’t work while expecting a different result over time.

If you look at the medical template for infectious disease management in the United States, it’s the classic definition of insanity. Medical geniuses have been bombarding the population with physiologically suppressive pharmaceutical products and toxic vaccines that destroy human immunity for decades while expecting the people of the world to become healthier and more robust from a biological standpoint.

US citizens line up like school children every year and obediently stick their arms out to receive flu jabs that offer absolutely no protection whatsoever against influenza. Not only do the vaccines fail to work, but the medicinal concoctions also cause the proliferation of influenza illness across the country and expose recipients to poisons that assault the human immune system.

Covid-19 cases continue to add up because the lab tests being administered are flawed in that they allow for false-positive results to be detected in a significant percentage of the worldwide population. And the reason for this is that coronaviruses have been affecting people all over the world for many years in the forms of common colds and other respiratory illnesses. Depending on the lab test being administered, the diagnostic procedures are picking up either the DNA signatures of other coronaviruses currently affecting people or they are registering positive when encountering antibodies that are present in people that have been exposed to other coronaviruses throughout their lives.

As I have written previously, people succumb to all sorts of respiratory disorders because they are immunosuppressed. By chance alone, a percentage of these people will also test positive for Covid-19. But they are not testing positive because they have the coronavirus illness. This is the big scam that has been built within the framework of the fake pandemic. The numbers keep increasing because of the inaccurate lab tests and also because the people recording the statistics are including other illnesses as if they were Covid-19 case numbers.