Target List Director Andrew Arguello and author John Reizer will be on Paul G’s Corner Podcast on April 21st at 7 PM Eastern Time

Talking Target List

Listen to Paul G’s Corner Podcast on Friday, April 21st, at 7 pm Eastern Time. Paul will be discussing the newly released movie, Target List with the film’s director, Andrew Arguello, and co-screenwriter, John Reizer.

Paul G Newton

Paul G Newton, Known To Many As Simply Paul G, Is A Multi-Talented Artist, Filmmaker, And Creative Visionary Hailing From The Charming Town Of Springdale, Arkansas. With An Impressive Array Of Accomplishments, Paul G Has Garnered Acclaim As An Emmy-Award-Winning Editor, A Seven-Time Recipient Of The Highly Coveted AP Award For Editing, And A Seasoned Photographer Whose Work Has Been Lauded For Its Beauty And Depth.

As A Filmmaker, Paul G Is A True Auteur, Known For His Ability To Breathe Life Into Every Project He Undertakes. His Work Has Been Screened At No Less Than 17 Film Festivals, And He Has Been Honored With Three Screenplay Awards For His Exceptional Talent As A Writer Of Science-Fiction And Other Genres. He Is Also An Accomplished Audio Engineer, Lending His Skills To Everything From Podcasts To Commercials To Music Videos.

Beyond His Work In The Entertainment Industry, Paul G Is Passionate About The Arts And Is The Founder Of The Arts And Entertainment Council, A Non-Profit Organization Dedicated To Promoting And Supporting The Creative Arts In His Community And Beyond. He Is Also An Enthusiastic Podcaster And Host Of The Popular Shows “Things I Want To Know” And “Paul G’s Corner,” Where His Dulcet Voice And Inquisitive Nature Never Fail To Captivate His Audience.

When He’s Not Busy Creating Art Or Promoting The Arts, Paul G Can Be Found Indulging His Love Of Cooking, Whipping Up Culinary Delights In His Kitchen With The Same Creativity And Passion He Brings To All His Endeavors. And Of Course, He Loves Nothing More Than Cruising Around In His Beloved Black 2006 Mustang GT, A Perfect Reflection Of His Dynamic Spirit And Creative Energy.

Despite All His Impressive Accomplishments, Paul G’s Greatest Pride And Joy Is His Engagement To A Beautiful And Strong Partner, Who He Knows Will Be By His Side As He Continues To Explore New Frontiers In Art And Creativity.

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2 thoughts on “Target List Director Andrew Arguello and author John Reizer will be on Paul G’s Corner Podcast on April 21st at 7 PM Eastern Time

  1. lhakes12 April 17, 2023 / 3:13 pm

    How awesome that you are being interviewed yet again, John, to talk about the Target List! And with Andrew Arguello as well.👍

    And Paul G Newton sounds like an experienced and great guy to have interview you. I am looking forward to tuning in! 🙂


    • NoFakeNews April 17, 2023 / 3:33 pm

      I am looking forward to being on his platform with Andrew, Lisa! 👍🙂

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