The “new normal” is continually being changed by the powers that be!

The “New Normal” – 2021

The “New Normal” – 2022

The “New Normal” – 2023


Dr. John Reizer is the co-screenwriter of the feature film, Target List. John is a writer, producer, and retired chiropractic physician. John is a former associate professor of clinical sciences at Sherman College of Chiropractic in Spartanburg, South Carolina. John has written several novellas. His most recent works are The Blue Marble, Plandemic, The Visitors, Aftermath, False Memory, The Homecoming, Frequency, and The Target List. John is best known for the feature film Target List, the short film The Target List, and the web series No Virtue. — IMDb


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2 thoughts on “The “new normal” is continually being changed by the powers that be!

  1. lhakes12 April 14, 2023 / 1:01 pm

    John, love seeing those spectacular “Target List” billboards continuing to go up in South Carolina! 🙂


    Cuz Jeff
    18hrs ago

    “How do you take over the world
    You create concepts like Time and History
    And you create deceptions involving both
    You use time as an instrument or a tool
    And you weaponize it by slowly changing the collective consciousness and perception of all reality
    It takes multiple generations to achieve this
    So it requires a genetic connection of bloodline representative to engineer these plans
    By targeting future generations
    The present day peers of the world will be dead and gone
    Much of their knowledge, experience And wisdom dead with them
    So future generations are easier targets to indoctrinate
    After time
    The world forgets about 1913-1945
    And what the archons of our world did to our world and ancestors to shape reality as they have today

    Today we live in a very artificial world
    So fake
    Many don’t see it
    But most don’t even recognize what’s fake from what’s real anymore

    That’s how you take over the world
    By corrupting it for multiple generations with false illumination of the Luciferian doctrine leading it

    You invade the mind
    With mind control
    And the art of deception

    That way

    The people are perfect prey for an apocalyptic event staged as real to change the direction of reality and the attention of consciousness flow

    The saddest reality is that we the people
    Don’t know
    That we don’t even know

    We are rightful kings who know nothing
    Like the fictitious character Jon Snow

    Who spends his whole life guarding a WALL
    As knights watch

    As a gate keeper
    Keeping the truth out of awareness
    To hide the darkness

    Until he learns the truth about the wall he served
    Most of the World defends the lies
    Protects the truth from being exposed
    And does so by defending it with their very lives
    Before they realize they were Deceived

    This is our human conditioning
    And the archons know how to figuratively filet the mind

    They know us better than we know ourselves
    And they tempt our hearts with ideas that create more problems that only they have predestined solutions for
    That only benefit themselves
    And continue the war on our minds”

    • NoFakeNews April 14, 2023 / 1:15 pm

      Thanks, Lisa! And thanks for sharing Jeff’s material again. 🙂


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