The Senator Ron Johnson Expert Hearing on the “Cardio Toxic” Covid-19 Vaccines

By Ashley Hayes

On December 7, 2022 Senator Ron Johnson hosted a three-hour forum on “Covid vaccines” where he heard from multiple medical experts and whistleblowers, as well as insurance industry representatives, attorneys and more regarding their findings.

At the hearing, attorney Aaron Siri, lead counsel for the Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN), whose lawfirm sued the CDC late last year in order to stop them from hiding data, stated: “V-safe is the CDC’s premiere vaccine safety system for the Covid-19 vaccines.” He then shows a dashboard created by ICAN in order to easily, visually represent the V-safe data post-injection, reporting “about 800,000 people reported needing medical care in the database of 9-10 million people. That’s about 7.7% of people in V-safe reporting needing medical care. That’s 1 in 13 people, yet the CDC did not pull the shot.”

Board Certified Anatomic/Clinical Pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole stated: “It’s not just that the spike protein is dangerous. The lipid nanoparticle will go anywhere into the body. It was designed to carry chemotherapeutic agents to the brain. You don’t want spike protein in your brain.”

Expert pediatric cardiologist Dr. Kirk Milohan, who has a Ph.D. in cardiovasular physiology and pharmacology, states:
“We now have data from multiple sources that the spike protein which the current mRNA asks the body to make are cardio toxic and cause the heart to be inflamed. The spike protein sets in motion a cascade of events that activates platelets to form clots and inflames the blood vessel lining the heart and the heart muscle itself.”

Military whistleblower Lt. Col. Dr. Teresa Long shares a long list of medical abnormalities discovered in her patients including, but not limited to, spinal tumors, brain tumors, myocarditis, pericarditis, and “a shocking suppression of the immune system that is pervasive.”

Board Certified OB/GYN Dr. James Thorp whose patients include “women of reproductive age, pregnant women, and pre-born babies” reports seeing in his practice “a substantial, massive increase — unprecedented — in menstrual abnormalities [as well as] a substantial increase of infertility, miscarriage, fetal death and fetal malformation. What we’ve seen is catastrophic. It’s a danger signal like no other.”

The full hearing, entitled, “Covid 19 Vaccines:  What They Are, How They Work, and Possible Causes of Injuries, can be found here:

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Ashley Hayes is a former business entrepreneur, patented inventor, researcher, and writer seeking to bring attention to the clearly-organized crimes of unlawful and corrupt law enforcement and fusion center personnel against innocent Americans and citizens worldwide, as well as crimes committed by military contractors via 21st century technology, and to the pandemic of child trafficking by those in power.


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4 thoughts on “The Senator Ron Johnson Expert Hearing on the “Cardio Toxic” Covid-19 Vaccines

  1. lhakes12 December 12, 2022 / 2:06 am

    This is fantastic and exactly what we needed. A panel of medical experts to debunk the covid vaccines. Thank you Senator Ron Johnson of my state of Wisconsin for bringing together this round table . (I voted for him!)

    And this is all very important information to share. However, the length of it could be an issue for some people. And I didn’t listen to it in it’s entirety either, but the parts I did hear were all excellent. So even if people only listen to portions of it they would still get a lot out of it.
    And one point that stood out to me was how the vaccines are being pushed and being made a part of the childhood vaccine schedule despite the fact that there is very little risk to young children getting sick. What they are doing is non-sensical!
    And I also found what a cardiologist said about how when a muscle is overworked by the damage that the vaccines put on it, it then needs rest. However, a heart muscle can’t take a break like our other muscles can. It has to keep beating or else we die. But the strain on the heart becomes too much. So people dying is exactly what is happening.

    And I do not know if Celine Dion has had the shots, but I have recently heard that she is suffering from severe muscle problems now. From a rare disease they say. ( Stiff Person Syndrome) But it sounds rather fishy to me! It reminds me of the case with Justin Bieber. Diseases have to be made up in order to cover tracks! And celebrities are not exempt from being wasted away!


    • Dr. John Reizer December 12, 2022 / 8:56 am

      Thanks for sharing, Lisa! I heard about the Celine Dion news the other day as well. That woman has an unbelievable voice. My wife, daughter, and I were fortunate to hear her in concert in Las Vegas a few years ago.

      My guess is Celine was jabbed and has suffered an autoimmune disorder that has affected her nervous system. There is no way to know for sure if the condition is caused by vaccines, but it certainly sounds plausible when you think about the other side effects reported by so many victims.

      I think a lot of people that got jabbed have suffered from “Stiff Person Syndrome” if you know what I mean. They became the ultimate “Stiffs” in a cemetery!


      • lhakes12 December 12, 2022 / 9:37 am

        I totally agree, John. That “Stiff Person Syndrome” is not as rare as they think! As a matter of fact, these last couple of years it has spread like wildfire. Because as you say, the cemenitaries are flourishing with its victims!


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