If they can no longer control an influential personality, they make the individual look crazy or permanently silence them!


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4 thoughts on “If they can no longer control an influential personality, they make the individual look crazy or permanently silence them!

  1. lhakes12 December 5, 2022 / 9:15 pm

    There seems to be number of influential celebrities that the controlling powers have duped or silenced because they had swayed away from the protocol.

    Look at Marilyn Monroe. She knew too much from her association with John F. Kennedy. They made her out to be a sex object and a dumb blonde. Then mysteriously she dies from suicide.
    Then John F. Kennedy himself became a huge target. And he becomes expired in a most tragic way.

    Plus, look at Princess Diana. She was constantly ridiculed by the royal family. But she was loved by too many, and then she was taken of.

    And, John, the more loved they are by the people the more dangerous they are to the vipers. Or reptiles as the case may be! 😂


    • Dr. John Reizer December 5, 2022 / 9:24 pm

      There are very few influential people out there, if any, who are not controlled by the cult, Lisa. When they become uncontrollable, they are systematically dealt with in a way that neutralizes them so they no longer pose a threat to the powers that be.


      • Ashley December 6, 2022 / 12:46 am

        This is definitely their go-to, John, and is becoming more and more the case.
        And while revered individuals like Smedley Butler have been absurdly called “crazy” to have people question the truth they are reporting, and celebrities and other well-known individuals who didn’t “tow the line” have been falsely labeled in an attempt to silence them, so, too, have been “regular folks” who have experienced, or been witness to, extraordinary, ongoing, criminal abuses of power.
        I can personally attest to that in my own life, as law enforcement and government contractors who have sadistically stalked me, and interfered in my life for DECADES (as previously reported) work overtime in their attempted cover-up of this malicious crime they continue to perpetrate, by slandering me in this way. (I have even had faked documents put in my files!!) They have done it to Ramola D, and countless others whose truth-telling they want to block.
        It’s just sick and I pray people’s eyes will be opened to this particularly vile abuse of power.
        Just as we should pause at the sight of the words “fact check,” and KNOW that truth is being covered up; so, too, should we pause when we see an outspoken individual who contributes to society being slanderously labeled “crazy” or “mentally ill,” and KNOW in our hearts they obviously have an important truth to tell but are being “dismissed” by a [false] label so as not to be heard; dismissed, so that others won’t dig deeper or listen.

        Ironically, it wasn’t until.Kanye/Ye started being labeled “crazy” that I bothered to listen to anything he had to say. And on that note, here is an interesting — VERY interesting — article re a FB post on a cult he is reporting on.that sounds too important to ignore: http://www.henrymakow.com (Illuminati Who’s Who Linked to Raelians, December 5, 2022)

      • Dr. John Reizer December 6, 2022 / 7:26 am

        Thanks so much for sharing, Ashley! 👍🙂

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