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Are You Going to Watch the Movie?

Target List is rated PG-13

Target List  International Watch Party

With your help and continued support, we can wake up the world. Pre-order the Target List movie and invite your friends and family over to a watch party the weekend of December 16th — December 18th.

Our Vimeo VIP Release of Target List is available worldwide, so no matter where you reside, you can watch this incredible movie.

Take a screenshot of your Target List rental receipt from Vimeo and send it to and be entered into a drawing to win either an autographed copy of the official movie poster or screenplay.



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Special Viewing of the Film!

Pre-order now — Watch December 16th!

A Message from Mad Wife Productions!

Mad Wife Productions is excited to announce a special “VIP Friends and Family” showing of our highly anticipated feature movie “Target List”!

Here is how to watch the film months before it’s on iTunes, Amazon, and other major streamers while also supporting us! Click on the pre-order button in the image above to access VIMEO where you can quickly sign in with a Google account and Pre-Order the film.

You will not be charged for the Pre-Order until the movie launches December 16th at which point you will be able to watch it as many times as you’d like for 72 hours.

Here is our goal with this special viewing:

First, we are so excited and want to share it with everyone during the holiday season.

Second, the funds raised from your rental will help us fund the massive marketing budget we need to get this movie seen by the world.

Any donations to help us market the movie are greatly appreciated!


2 thoughts on “From The Looney Bin

  1. lhakes12 December 1, 2022 / 8:30 am

    I could hardly believe this when I saw your post, John. Not only is NASA claiming to go to the moon, but also claiming to have people residing there by 2030.

    The Science Times

    “Howard Hu, who oversees the Orion lunar spacecraft program for NASA, told BBC that the space agency plans to send people down to the lunar surface where they live and conduct scientific experiments. They are certain that at this will happen by 2030 when humans will have habitats and rovers on the ground, which is something that they are currently preparing for at NASA.”

    And, John, your emoji (Luv it!) expresses the ridiculousness of this scenario exactly!
    NASA must be planning quite the production!

    What next? 😂


    • Dr. John Reizer December 1, 2022 / 9:16 am

      NASA is full of it, Lisa! You and I have been as close to the Moon as any astronauts have.

      Thanks for sharing! 🙂👍


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