An update on Tiffany Pontes Dover

Dr. John Reizer

Do you remember Tiffany Pontes Dover? Tiffany was a nurse that worked in a Tennessee hospital and received one of the first COVID-19 vaccines on live television. Tiffany became a public relations disaster for the vaccine cheerleading community in the beginning of 2021 when she passed out shortly after receiving the experimental jab.

I remember watching the telecast and thinking this is crazy.

I knew way back in 2020 that the powers that be had deadly shots waiting in the wings. They only needed the right medical psyop to roll out their bioweapons. Fast forward to November 2022 and we all know just how deadly the COVID vaccines are by the number of deaths reported and observed worldwide.

When Tiffany Pontes Dover passed out 17 minutes after getting vaccinated for a nonexistent virus that has never been isolated by scientists anywhere in the world, my jaw dropped. I honestly thought what happened to Tiffany was a publicity stunt to egg on anti-vaxxers to write stories about the incident that could later be discredited when the nurse appeared before a row of cameras where she reported to the world that she was feeling wonderful.

I believed that anyone, like Tiffany, who was getting jabbed on television would have received a placebo. Evidently, this was not the case because Tiffany had a real adverse vaccine reaction. Even though the medical officials near Mrs. Dover successfully revived the nurse and she made a brief statement that she was okay, the mystery of Tiffany Dover was only just beginning. Tiffany Pontes Dover was about to disappear from the public eye forever!

Nobody heard a word from nurse Dover for several days after her initial interview. Then the hospital she was employed at in Tennesee issued a brief statement claiming the woman was resting at home and was fine. “Resting at home?” Why was she resting at home if she was fine?

Tiffany Dover’s social media platforms have been dark ever since she received the vaccine. After taking a dive on television, the nurse’s only other appearance was a quick 40-second video where she was grouped together with other healthcare staff members. In that video, Dover and her colleagues were masked, and signs could be seen with the date displayed. To be honest, it’s hard to determine if the woman in the video was nurse Dover because of the face mask. Many people have written comments on social media that the woman in the video was not Tiffany Dover.

Tiffany’s story is a crazy one. Last evening when I was writing about Doug Brignole and his unfortunate death that was apparently caused by a COVID vaccine, I began thinking about nurse Dover.

This afternoon I began looking on search engines to see if Tiffany Pontes Dover ever came out of hiding and went on live television to clear up the deep dark mystery surrounding her life.

I will be honest with readers, I hate conspiracy theories. My job as a truther and writer is to destroy conspiracy theories and prove they are completely false or legitimate conspiracies.

When I searched for evidence that Tiffany Pontes Dover was alive and well, I was greeted with what seemed like hundreds of articles that discussed how Tiffany Pontes Dover was still alive and how anti-vaxxers were hateful people who refused to leave the nurse alone. According to all the articles, Tiffany is still hiding from the anti-vaxxers by staying away from all social media platforms.

Either Tiffany Dover is hiding for a personal reason, which doesn’t make any sense, in my opinion, or she has had a vaccine injury that she is still recovering from or worse.


If Tiffany Pontes Dover is truly okay and has not suffered a severe vaccine reaction as has been speculated by millions of people — prove it to the world! Contact NoFakeNews or another news outlet and give an interview (unmasked) and end the public speculation about what has happened.

Let’s not play games any longer, Tiffany Dover, by maintaining a state of silence under the guise of privacy concerns. When you hold yourself out there for public eyes and act as a poster healthcare official attempting to broadly influence citizens to receive an unapproved, experimental medicine and then faint on public television 17 minutes later, people have a right to know how you are doing. You don’t get to insert your right to privacy until you provide the proper closure for the American public. Anything other than giving a proper, unmasked interview after being silent for so long is unacceptable.

Contact me at NoFakeNews through the website’s contact portal with your interview, and I will personally make sure the content is displayed.

History has already demonstrated to the world that the COVID vaccines are deadly. By going public, Tiffany, the world can learn the truth about your well-being.

Help me put an end to the conspiracy theories suggesting you became ill or died from a vaccine reaction and confirm what the mainstream media, your employer, and the fact-checking websites are all claiming —  that you are healthy and doing well!


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4 thoughts on “An update on Tiffany Pontes Dover

  1. lhakes12 November 2, 2022 / 10:42 pm

    John, I definitely do remember Tiffany Pontes Dover. How can one forget how she just fell over after receiving the covid vaccine. And it happened so suddenly. One moment she was fine and the next moment it appeared as though she died.
    I also remember the supposed photo of her with the other healthcare staff members. And I agree that it is questionable as to whether it was really her or not because of the face mask. However, I also remember commenting that it looked like the woman was making jerky movements.
    It it really difficult to say was happening.
    And why did she disappear? Being a nurse you would think that she would want to inform the public about any adverse effects she experienced or is still experiencing. Unless, of course, she is now dead or is being threatened to staying into hiding in order to keep the truth hidden.
    I highly doubt that she is hiding from anti-vaxxers. Because after her dreadful ordeal you would think that she would now be an anti-vaxxer herself. It would be crazy for her to support the vaccines after that experience. And it would be vaxxers that she should be afraid of. We all saw her fall! You can’t argue with that.
    And if for some miracle she is still alive and out there, I do hope that she would be willing to come forward and contact Dr. John Reizer of Your words could make a tremendous difference to a world greatly in need of the truth! Please own up to what you originally signed up for. A responsibility to protect the health of the people.
    And that statement applies to all healthcare providers!


    • Dr. John Reizer November 2, 2022 / 10:51 pm

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Lisa. I hope that Tiffany is alive and well and that she takes me up on my offer. I would like to resolve this mystery so that the world can learn the truth about what happened to this woman.


  2. Kenneth T. November 2, 2022 / 10:45 pm

    Everyone speaking FOR the women and not letting her speak for herself.
    Alive or dead- I feel sad for the family

  3. Dr. John Reizer November 2, 2022 / 10:52 pm

    Thanks for sharing, Kenneth!

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