The Alleged World’s Nuclear Arsenal (Yawn)

Dr. John Reizer

One or two of the alleged nuclear warheads referred to in the chart below would be capable of killing the majority of the population in a given country.

A half dozen nuclear warheads would be capable of killing significantly more people.

A dozen nuclear warheads would potentially destroy all planetary life if you take into consideration the radioactive fallout expected from said explosions.

Come On, Man!

Nuclear weapons do not exist. This is a fictional technology that has been kept alive by the powers that be for many decades.

If such weapons existed as claimed, they would have already been used in modern times.

Additionally, if nuclear weapons could potentially cause as much destruction and devastation as published, why would any country need to amass an arsenal of over 5,000 warheads? How many times over does the country need to obliterate the planet? The entire narrative reeks of science fiction. And I know a thing or two about science fiction.

Knowing about the COVID-19 pandemic and what I believe I know about the fake space program, I feel confident in writing that all claims about the existence of nuclear weapons are untrue.

The mainstream media articles written about the dangers of nuclear weapons technology are part of a fear-porn campaign that cements a lie in the minds of most people in the world.


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3 thoughts on “The Alleged World’s Nuclear Arsenal (Yawn)

  1. lhakes12 October 11, 2022 / 3:43 pm

    And, John, why would the controlling powers go to so much trouble to create their psyops with the vaccines and more if they could depopulate the world much quicker with nuclear weapons?
    They have a much bigger agenda at hand that they need to finish accomplishing. Their agenda is not only to destroy, but to control and change the human genome.


    More of my cousin’s Jeff’s thoughts:
    7 hrs ago

    “Behind the veils of lies
    World war nuclear activity
    Solar flares, EMPs Asteroids, Plasma apocalypse
    And even our loveable viruses

    The real truth is that the technology we use
    Is being used as a weapon
    Silent weapons for quiet wars
    It is the smart technology we are all obsessed with
    The Electro magnetic frequency radiation we are all swimming in

    The sickness and symptoms of illnesses are directly caused by this

    Everything else is a cover up

    A lot of people are gonna die when they crank it up
    Those frequencies are designed to kill us

    And no doubt
    This is what they are really trying to do

    All truths lead to satanist agendas
    The Talmud, and a depopulation plan
    That the public is too ignorant to realize is true

    It’s sad
    With all that had gone down
    In the past few years
    That people still can’t see this truth
    Or wake up to it

    In the end
    They don’t need any of these fear propaganda psyops
    All they need is for us to walk into their trap
    But they knew we wouldn’t be that dumb
    So they built it all around us
    In our Infrastructure
    Calling our violation of privacy And surveillance of the people
    ‘national security’
    Allowing foreign enemies and ideologies to influence entire generations with liberal drive!

    We’re already inside the Walls of this prison camp
    Unbeknownst to most of us

    And that’s how many will die

    I do pray that those who were inoculated with the ‘vaccine’ only received saline placebos like many have
    I hope you weren’t Targeted with the poison
    Because those who were
    Are injected with nano metals that reproduce inside of you
    That react to microwave Radiation
    With explosively fatal repercussion
    Destroying your immune system and fertility
    Like in foil in a microwave oven

    It causes irradiation of our white blood cells

    More so, if you survive it’s poison, it plugs you into the internet of all things
    Making you an EMF antenna

    One of two things will happen
    As each wave of increasing EMF radiation hits us
    As they keep increasing the radiation levels

    If you took all those pricks
    And you’re not lucky enough to have gotten a placebo
    Your will either get sick and die
    Or lose your sovereign sentient consciousness
    And ability to think for yourself or control you life

    And many people who didn’t get the prick
    Will also experience the symptoms of sicknesses

    Not as badly, but we too will be affected by it
    Depending on how much nano toxins are on our bodies from GMOs, Chemtrails, And other forms of biowarfare
    Some of us suffer from artificial Fungal infections in our blood that causes it to self detox from our bodies
    But we are stuck with morgellons like conditions instead
    Many targeted individuals experience this

    And the truth about targeted individuals is that
    Ever since 2020, because of the agenda that rolled out that year
    we are ALL targeted individuals

    So please pull your heads out from that Hollywood Talmud bullshit ass
    Get right with you make
    and tap into the truth
    Because it’s a built in GPS system in our blood DNA

    And ask ye shall receive

    Don’s waste your time chasing lies”

    • Dr. John Reizer October 11, 2022 / 12:30 pm

      All good points, Lisa and Jeff! Thanks so much for sharing this on the forum! 🙂👍


      • lhakes12 October 11, 2022 / 3:59 pm


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